• 4 Must Have Accessories For Your New Car

    30th January 2017, Posted by : admin

    So, now you have bought your spanking new car and have driven a few miles and are wondering how you can keep this beauty in ship shape for the time to come. Also, every time you pass a well decorated automobile accessory shop, you wonder what are the accessories that you should buy for your vehicle.

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  • Off-Road GPS Navigation – Concepts and Software

    23rd January 2017, Posted by : admin

    GPS is a navigation system that is made of 24 satellites which are placed into the orbit by the US Department of Defence. These satellite circle the Earth in an extremely precise orbit twice a day and transmit signals to the earth 24 hours a day, in all e] weather conditions and anywhere on earth. The GPS receivers use this transmitted information to calculate the exact location of the user.

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  • Car Door Visors – All That You Must Know

    16th January 2017, Posted by : admin

    Among the multiple accessories that all New Car owners seek to have installed in their vehicles, the Car door visors, also known as rain guards or wind deflectors are perhaps the most underrated. Among the cheapest and the easiest to install accessory, the car door visors serve multiple purposes that can make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable, while at the same time providing an aesthetic value.

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