• How To Take Care Of Your Car Tyres

    16th June 2017, Posted by : admin

    When we talk about cars, it is always about engine, power, torque transmission and mileage but we forget one of the most important component which helps translate everything on the road- The Tyres!

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  • 7 Important Tips To Prevent Car Theft

    8th June 2017, Posted by : admin

    For a thief, stealing a car is the best option. It’s the only steal that is self-propelled and self- equipped for a quick escape. The car and especially its parts and components are items in steady demand.

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  • How to Take Test Drive of A Car

    16th May 2017, Posted by : admin

    Prior to going on test drives, you should zero in on the various model and the variant of the car/cars you want to test. The basis of selection is usually your budget, type of car and the specifications of the car. Include those features you think are a ‘must have’ in your ride while short listing the models.

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