• Common Car Warning Lights Explained

    13th December 2016, Posted by : admin

    Every novice car driver probably experienced a confusing moment in their initial stages of driving when a light started to blink on the car dashboard without knowing what it meant or how to get it off. Dashboard indicator lights are among the most important functionalities of any modern automobile, yet never truly explained by the salesman who sold you the car.

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  • How often is Engine oil Change needed?

    7th December 2016, Posted by : admin

    If an engine is the heart of the vehicle, engine oil is certainly the life force behind proper functioning of that heart. Not only does Engine Oils lubricate the engine and help it run smoothly, it also helps engine in cooling, cleaning and protecting the crucial parts of the engine. Over prolonged usage, this Engine Oil turns dirty and the effectiveness in terms of lubrication also comes down.

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  • 10 Benefits of an Electric Vehicle

    22nd November 2016, Posted by : admin

    Ever since motor cars were invented more than a century ago, it has completely and irreversibly changed the way people commute, travel and engage with day-to-day transportation. Whereas by itself it has been one of the greatest inventions ever, it has also brought several ills with it, one of which is the uncontrolled pollution that these vehicles running predominantly on fossil fuels bring along.

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