21st December 2016, Posted by : admin

    Tyres are the most important car part since those are the only ones that are in continuous contact with the ground below. It is extremely important to take good care of your car tyres, not only towards the passenger safety but also towards comfort and longevity of the vehicle itself. Faulty or non maintained car tyres can have a huge bearing on the overall performance and can also be quite dangerous in some cases.

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  • How much do you know about Car Filters?

    16th December 2016, Posted by : admin

    It is a matter of great thought that there exists an extremely limited amount of awareness and knowledge in the minds of users and/or drivers of personal vehicles about the actual car parts, at least the important ones. If we randomly ask any person on the road about, say, the suspension system of the car or the kind of lubricating fuels used or may be the car filters, most will feign complete ignorance.

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  • Know more about the Suspension System of your Car

    9th December 2016, Posted by : admin

    A suspension system is a set of interconnected parts that work together to decrease the transfer of energy from the wheels to the body of the vehicle. It basically maximises friction between tyres and the road , which in turn will provide stability and passenger comfort inside the vehicle. As per the principles of Vehicle Dynamics, that is the study of the forces on a moving vehicle, an intervening structure is required to isolate the transfer of vertical energy of the wheel into the frame of the vehicle. In the absence of this isolation, it will be impossible to handle a car over any surface.

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