• Is it Safe to buy Spare parts Online?

    29th November 2016, Posted by : admin

    The advent and growing popularity of the internet has meant that almost everything is available online. Whereas this has spelt a boon to the genuine buyer and the genuine seller, the truth is that a lot of unscrupulous elements have also entered the process chain. These are giving a bad name to online shopping by overpromising and under delivering.

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  • Advantages of buying Car and Bike Parts Online

    17th November 2016, Posted by : admin

    Online shopping is among the fastest growing industries of the world and now days everything from a needle to a luxury motor vehicle is available online for the taker. Although it has become easier to find most consumer products easily online, there are many which owing to the nature of the product itself is not easy to find in a trustworthy fashion.

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  • Car Wipers: A Friend in Need!

    13th October 2016, Posted by : admin

    Ever wondered how the windshield or back glass of cars used to get cleaned? Well, most of the vehicles back then didn’t have wipers. The concept of using two brushes came into the existence and later brushed got replaced by rubber.

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