10 Amazing Father’s Day Gifts for your Adventurous Dad

There is no better feeling than taking off for a long drive over the weekend with family. These are some essentials that are perfect Father’s Day gifts for the next family outing.

1) XUV500 CritiLight (Rs. 1,112.00)


At just a glance, the dyno torch from XINDAO (Holland), may come across as an ordinary emergency light, but there is a lot more to this nifty device that’s hidden in the dark. An alarm light along with its 5 LED lights may seem like all that one would ever need in dire straits; however, you can be rest assured of fool-proof safety because of its magnetic ability to be attached to a car or any other place to send out an emergency warning. Plus, the Criti-light has the ability to save your life with its emergency glass hammer and seat belt cutter.

Source: M2ALL.com

2) XUV500 Binocular (Rs. 4,342.00)


Take in the spectacular views when you travel with this powerful pair of binoculars from XINDAO (Holland). 10×60 with blue lenses, it fits into its own nylon pouch along with a user manual and a cleaning cloth. A sleek rubber finish in black with silver details, it makes for an elegant and useful gift for travellers.

Source: M2ALL.com

3) Emergency Tyre Inflator (Rs. 2,424.00)


The next time your tyres run out of the air, don’t panic if there’s no petrol pump in sight. Just keep this tyre inflator in your car at all times and you can pump in the air whenever and wherever you like. Powered by an in-car 12V plug with a 3metre power cord, which fits into the cigarette lighter socket, it also comes with a sport nozzle and bike adaptor.

Source: M2ALL.com

4) Scorpio Utility Kit (Rs. 933.00)


This unique gadget from XINDAO (Holland) scores a ten on utility as well as design. Made from superior quality, it encompasses no less than ten tools comprising of a pair of pliers, a wire cutter, a large knife, screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a fish scale, a nail puller, can opener, a file and a saw. The entire gadget comes in a pouch, a great gift with something for everyone!

Source: M2ALL.com

5) XUV500 Solar Torch (Rs. 1530.00)


This Stylish black and silver torch from XINDAO (Holland) is one of the most powerful in its category. Once its solar panel is charged, it can run continuously for an hour. No surprise then that reliable quality combined with sleek design and simplicity makes it a winner of the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award as well as a supreme gift for anybody.

Source: M2ALL.com

6) Mahindra XUV500 Mini Massager (Rs. 283.00)


Ever wish you could get a massage at the snap of your fingers Well, this gift can make your wish come true. Just apply a little pressure on to this compact handheld device and hold it against the part of your body that needs massaging. Its 3 arms will instantly emit vibrations that will relax your muscles and ease the pain away.

Source: M2ALL.com

7) XUV500 Emergency Car Light (Rs. 708.00)


Safe is better than sorry. That’s why this emergency car light is a must-have for every driver. Fitted with a swivelling head for sharper focus, magnetic support, a clip and a 3 meter-long rewinding power cord, this precautionary gadget flashes light continuously or gives a constant light when you plug it in. Keep it in your car and be prepared for emergencies.

Source: M2ALL.com

8) Mahindra Scorpio Mug-On-the-Go – Silver (Rs. 420.00)


Going for a drive Carry your tea or coffee with you and sip on the go! This clever mug comes with a wire and adapter that you can connect into the cigarette lighter in your car, using the charge to heat up the liquid and keep your drink warm. Made of steel, the mug has a base that is designed to fit easily into the car cup holder. Avoid direct contact of the liquid with the plug adaptor and as it’s not suitable for dishwasher use, wipe with a damp cloth to clean the mug.

Source: M2ALL.com

9) Mahindra KUV100 Pacers Pouch (Rs. 379.00)


As you pace your run, carry whatever you need in a compact yet smart and spacious waterproof pouch. The sleek design includes 2 stretchable pouches on an adjustable band with a buckle closure and space for your earphones as well.

Source: M2ALL.com

10) Mahindra KUV100 Touch Torch (Rs. 222.00)


Your touch can now spread light. Literally! This extraordinary torch has absolutely no buttons. All it needs is your touch and it will light up. An inbuilt sensor makes this hi-tech gadget with a sleek black finish a great energy saving device and an even better gift!

Source: M2ALL.com

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