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10 Basic Spare Parts every Mahindra SUV Owner must know

Owning a car is an extremely proud moment in an individual’s life. It is like achieving a milestone. For some, it is a valuable asset. For others, it is like a part of the family. But one thing is for sure – you are going to use your car everywhere you go – right from your daily commute to those occasional and spontaneous family road trips. Well, whatever the case is, you love your car a lot. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you are as madly in love with cars as us!

And if you have a Mahindra SUV, you must have done your homework before you actually bought your magnificent beast with your hard-earned money. You must have read several articles, saw uncountable reviews, comparisons, asked your colleagues and relatives (and must have gotten confused later) and whatnot to finally buy the car of your dreams.

A fun fact: There are almost 30,000 parts used to make a car! This includes the small components like screws and bolts to big heavyweights like wheels and car body. It is practically impossible for a person to know all the parts and their usage. Sure, you might know about some basic spare parts, but do you know how they important they are? We have listed down 10 basic spare parts that every Mahindra SUV owner should know!

1. Engine

Car Engine - M2ALL

We would be utterly mistaken if we say that engine is NOT the most important part of any car. The engine is the heart of the car (literally) that gives you the power to drive your car. And we all know that the heart needs the best care as it is THE most crucial part. It is impressive to know that engines have come along after so many advancements.

2. Transmission/Gear Box

Car Gearbox - M2ALL

Gears are seen in so many modern things. What makes any car run and a driver skilled is the usage of correct gears at the right time. The gearbox (or the stick as it s commonly called) is the controller which helps you drive the car. The transmission is the mid-point, which transmits the energy generated by the engine to the wheels, to keep your car moving.

3. Brakes

Car Brakes - M2ALL

It would be an understatement to say that brake system is the most critical life-saving component of the car. You must be knowing the function of the brakes, and you might even have a basic idea about the type of brakes (it’s disc brakes and drum brakes). The car’s brake system is made up of different small components like brake pedal, caliper, light switch, pad and rotor, among others. It is highly imperative that you maintain the quality of your car’s brakes, as your efforts can save your life.

4. Air Filter

Car Air Filter - M2ALL

Driving a car is a pleasure to many, but most definitely not for your car. Your car is always exposed to some adverse conditions like gravel-filled roads, rough driving, slippery roads, etc. And for that, you need to keep your car in the best shape. One of the underrated aspects of keeping the car in the best shape is an Air Filter. An air filter is an important shield that your car needs to protect itself from small dust particles and making sure that clean, filtered air reaches the car. Why clean air, you ask? Because clean air is an important part of the combustion process, which helps to burn the fuel to keep the car running. It is advised to change air filters every 20,000 kms or 1 year to keep your Mahindra SUV a fine beast for years to come!

5. Shock Absorbers

Car Shock Absorbers - M2ALL

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘SHOCK ABSORBERS’? Is it that spring thing that is attached to the wheels? Or that it helps to absorb the tremors/shocks you get while driving on rough roads? Well, it is more than that. Shock absorbers are crucial to keep the car prepared for any obstacles. If you drive your Mahindra SUV with a back injury or with someone who is prone to frequent back pains, it is critical that you INVEST in good quality shock absorbers. These tiny and often unnoticed tricksters make sure your rides are smooth no matter how the roads are!

6. Axle

Car Axle - M2ALL

If we were to explain the importance of axle in simple terms, it would go like this – it is the link between the engine and the wheels. Axle is among the most neglected car parts. Axle transfers the power and torque from the engine to the wheels, which keeps your car rolling smoothly. Axle is that car component that carries the entire weight of the car, luggage and all those on board. Axles play an important role in steering, driving, and braking, the most basic functions of any car. So, it is highly critical to keep your Mahindra SUV’s axle strong and balanced.

7. Oil Filter

Car Oil Filter - M2ALL

Often an underrated component in a car, the oil filter is more important than you think. It is a well-established fact by now that to keep the engine running smoothly, it needs some sort of lubrication that is its special car engine oil. The oil gets contaminated by sludge, dirt, grime and other small particulate matter. And, any dirty, contaminated item does more harm than good. This oil can severely hamper the well-being of the engine, damaging the small parts of the engine, or worse, the engine itself. Instead of dishing out thousands of bucks on a new engine because your older one got completely corroded by dirty engine oil, there is a filter you can use – an oil filter. As the name suggests, an oil filter traps the sludge and only the pure, dirt-free oil reaches the engine.

8. Battery

Car battery - M2ALL

If there’s something which is as equally important as the engine of the car, it has to be the battery. The battery of a car gives an electrifying jump-start to your car. Think of it as the energy bar that you gorge on to fuel you throughout the day. The battery is essential to keep your Mahindra SUV lit, literally! The battery is important to start the engine. It is connected to car electronics, car lighting and other car accessories. It is basically the powerhouse of the car that keeps other parts running strong and bright. But, it is crucial that you buy the battery considering these facts – your car model, variant, the weather conditions you live in and of course, the manufacturer.

9. Radiator

Car Radiator - M2ALL

Anyone who has ever driven a car has gotten their temperaments high because of someone else’s reckless driving or downright terrifying roads. And there must have been someone who has been there to cool you down. Well, even your car gets its temperatures high (looks like your car takes your qualities after all). For this, there is a part known as the radiator, which is basically the personal AC for your car. It is located under the hood, beside the powerhouse of the car, engine. This is done on purpose, because the engine tends to heat up whenever under immense pressure. The radiator makes sure that your car stays cool, just like a sloth is. For that, though, you would need an engine coolant, which is a liquid lubricant to keep things running smoothly.

10. Clutch

Car Clutch - M2ALL

For most of us, the clutch is the pedal that is there along with the brake pad and the accelerator. But, there’s more than meets the eyes, meaning we only see a small part of the whole mechanism. The clutch, just like the brakes, is made up of various components like clutch plate, crank shaft, pressure plate and more. These parts are hidden under the hood , leaving only the clutch pad visible. The clutch allows you to switch between gears with ease, and transfers all power from the engine into the transmission. Without the clutch, the car would slow down and stop in the middle of the road.

After reading this blog, we hope you must have . If you have noticed, all of these parts are interlinked with each other, and complement each other, so that you have a hassle-free driving experience.

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