10 Benefits of an Electric Vehicle

Ever since motor cars were invented more than a century ago, it has completely and irreversibly changed the way people commute, travel and engage with day-to-day transportation. Whereas by itself it has been one of the greatest inventions ever, it has also brought several ills with it, one of which is the uncontrolled pollution that these vehicles running predominantly on fossil fuels bring along.

The scientific community of the world and automobile experts have been working for many years to bring a viable product to the market that can be mass produced to replace existing polluting motor vehicles in time to come. Electric Vehicles or hybrid vehicles are now gaining popularity all across the world with a lot of new buyers opting for an Electric Vehicle as their choice of commute, especially for short distances.

There are many benefits associated with the use of Electric Vehicles; the following are 10 of the most important ones


Environment Friendly: This is the biggest advantage of the electric vehicle and one of the primary reason for its existence. Electric vehicles reduce carbon emissions since there is no fuel that is burnt to power the vehicle’s mobility. There are no residues or exhausts left as a by-product.

Economical: Although electric vehicles might cost a bit more at the time of purchase, in the long run, it pays for itself. Also, the prices of petroleum are difficult to control since most countries depend on imports, but running a car on electricity can be much cheaper since most electricity is indigenously produced.

Better Drivability: An electric vehicle has lesser moving parts and therefore drives much better than a conventional vehicle. Since there is no transmission, these vehicles accelerate smoothly and provide much higher torque levels that go on to make a level and pleasurable drive.


  • Less Maintenance: Adding to drivability, the reduced functional parts of the electric vehicle are much easier to maintain too. The most common parts in a conventional vehicle that requires frequent maintenance such as engine, spark plug, fuel tank, valves, distributor, clutch, muffler etc.are not a part of an electric vehicle’s composition and hence the benefit.
  • Distinctive: Most people on the road drive the conventional motor vehicles and are a part of the crowd. An electric car differentiates itself quickly in this crowd and gives the owner a sense of uniqueness as well as distinction from among the crowd.
  • Safe: Since the electric car doesn’t have many of the parts that are prone to malfunction and cause damage to the safety of passengers such as a fuel tank that can burst in the event of a collision etc., they are much safer to drive. It is noteworthy here that the electric cars undergo the same fitness and safety tests as the other cars.


  • Good for Local Economy: Since the electric vehicles reduce the dependence on mostly imported fuels, the money generated out of the sales of these cars can be invested back in the economy for further research and production of clean energy.
  • Subsidized Prices: Most governments across the world provide subsidies in terms of lesser taxes or a subsidy on the production of the car itself so as to make it accessible to most people. Although that is a work in progress, the fact is that the prices of Electrical vehicles are coming down and it makes much more sense to invest in one.
  • Noiseless: Electrical vehicles produce much lesser noise pollution than the conventional motor vehicles since they do not have pistons that cause most of the noise.
  • Time Saving: The Electric Vehicles run on electricity that can be accessed anywhere at anytime, although networks charge points are being created in many parts of the world. It basically means that the power to run these vehicles are much easier to access and use, removing the dependence on fuel pumps, that depending on where one lives can be quite a drive itself and also the time spent at fuel pumps while waiting can be minimized.

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