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10 Dangerous Car Parts One Should Totally AVOID!

The automobile market is filled with too many cars. There are hatchbacks, SUVs, sedans, sports cars, and the list is endless. Some of those cars fancy us, while some check out all our boxes. There are many products in the market that look attractive and appealing in nature, but regardless, are to be avoided. Similarly, in the automobile market there are products and accessories that are extremely harmful to your vehicle and there are chances that you are totally unaware of them. So, let’s list these accessories, so that you never make a mistake with your vehicle.

1. Ill-Fitting Steering Wheel Covers

Steering Wheel Covers - M2ALL

When you list down some important parts of the car, you might think of engine, the gears and the wheels. But, we forget one super-important part – the steering wheel. You you never want to make mistake with it. But when you get your steering wheel some cover to enhance its grip make sure that it’s of proper fitting and quality.

As improper grip might lead to slip of hand while driving or lose control while driving and can cause major accidents. Therefore, even the quality of the product matters, thus it’s important to buy a Genuine quality Steering Wheel Cover from original manufactures, that have quality assurance and warranty.

2. Non-Genuine Spares

Non-Genuine Spares - M2ALL

Let’s say your blood group is A+ and the only people you can take blood is people belonging to A+ or O+ blood groups, but what if they doctor takes the blood from B+ and gives it to you? That will lead to improper functioning of your body parts, leading to a catastrophic damage to the whole body.

Just like the improper type of blood won’t do wonders to you, in the same way, any improper or non-genuine part in your vehicle hurts a lot. If you fit spares of improper fitting and cheap quality in your car, it will certainly react badly. Thus, products from local vendors, which are of cheap quality are harmful for your car.

3. Ill-Fitting Seat Covers

Ill-Fitting Seat Covers - M2ALL

Nothing looks great with improper or uneven fitting, be it people it ill-fitted clothes or vehicle with ill-fitted seat covers. These ill-fitted covers make your vehicle look unkempt and it effortlessly manages to ruin the aesthetics of your beloved car.

Just like we wear clothes to protect our body, in the same way, seat covers are the protectors of the seats of the vehicle. They help in maintaining and extending the life of the seat, keeping it protected from dust, harmful sun rays, food particles, and more. It also maintains its color from fading and keeping it . So, using genuine Seat Covers is important for a number of reasons. to cover the whole seat body. Also, the quality of cover matters, so make sure it’s premium quality.

4. Cheap Quality Engine-Oil

Car Engine Oil - M2ALL

Just how we need our daily intake of food, supplements, and other things on time, the same way for a vehicle their dose of requirement is the oil, as engine oil is the blood of your car and therefore it’s supposed to be inserted in the vehicle within required period of time. That’s because if you don’t change the engine oil after 5,000 miles it starts given vehicle different type of trouble and it might end up breaking down in the middle of your drive.

Also, it’s important to use quality engine oil, and not rely on the super-cheap engine oils that your local mechanic fills from a questionable source, like the giant blue drum or a sasta plastic bottle.

5. Flimsy Sunshades from the roadside corner

Faulty Car Sunshades - M2ALL

Many ignore it, many don’t know about it. But it remains a solid fact that sunshades are more important than you think. Sunshades are one of the most important accessories in the vehicle acting like a shield, protecting your car’s interiors and the people inside from the harmful UV rays. It’s important for the person to select quality sunshades with proper fitting which stays stable on the vehicle mirror.

Cheap quality sunshades firstly won’t protect the vehicle or interiors, also it is not worth investing money. The new Magnetic Sunshades are premium quality accessories that’ll be worth investing for your beautiful car and you.

6. Air Fresheners from your Nukkad ki Dukaan

Harmful Car Freshener - M2ALL

Air freshener are the mood changing accessory that helps the passenger enjoy his drive. It plays an important role in both psychological & physical perspective. But after a lot of research, people started claiming that cheap and degraded quality air freshener contains chemicals that are injurious to health, thus breathing those gases aren’t a choice.

Now innovators have come up with some exciting fresheners which are now gel-based formula, researched and approved by doctors, thus totally harmless and perfect to set your mood for the ride.

7. Cheap Car Electronics

Cheap Car Electronics - M2ALL

Now-a-days, there are multiple variants available of the same product, in different range, at different places. These vary because of the quality of the product, it’s genuinity level, its warranty and guarantee, manufacturing date, and thus basis on these the price is decided.

Aftermarket sells all the automobile accessories and spares for almost half the prices, especially electronics accessories for various vehicles. i.e. speakers, systems, LCD or DVD players, etc. These require changes in the wiring or addition in the wires, and might result into excessive heating, which, in turn, is a fire hazard.

8. Floor Mats brought from a Local Shop

Dirty Car Floor Mats - M2ALL

Floor Mats are one of the most purchased car accessories after purchasing a car. Why so?  Because they are the immediate requirement in keeping the vehicle clean and protected. While purchasing the car, manufacturer showroom offer, floor mats of different quality and price range.

But there are chances that in the outer market you get them for lower cost but, purchasing non-OEM floor mats can turn out to be harmful as ill-designed ones can stick to the accelerator or brake pedal & cause a loss of vehicle control or accidents. While the floor mats sold by the genuine accessories dealer or manufacturer are slightly costlier than the non-OEM ones, but they are tailor-made for a particular vehicle, with premium quality that last longer and are for sure the safest.

9. Aftermarket Seat-Belt Accessories

Faulty Seat belt - M2ALL

When it comes to being safe, strong and tough seat belts are crucial. They are the thing that stops you from being flung ahead in front of your car in case of an accidents, sudden bumps or break. And God forbid, if you get involved in an accident, you would want to come out will minor injuries, if not completely unharmed. So, think of premium quality seat belts as an investment rather than just a means to not get fined heavily by the police.

If you purchase and install seat belt accessories from the aftermarket/ Non-OEM seat belt accessories or hooks, in the hopes that you are saving some bucks, then you are on the wrong side of the spectrum. Firstly, they have come with no warranty. Secondly, they have ABSOLUTE ZERO guarantee of lasting long. And thirdly, the quality of these products is highly questionable. If you choose cheap, you are doing it at a ginormous cost!

10. Cheap quality Car Lighting

Cheap Car Lighting - M2ALL

Some vehicle owners, love to give their car some sporty look and thus install flashlights in their headlights of their vehicles. These flashlights, at times, have some severe side effects that lead to a lot of issues like impaired visibility to the people on street, flawed illumination, and more, which have adverse effect on the night-time visibility.

These tips can help you save your as well as other people’s lives, literally!

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