things to consider while buying a car

10 Most Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Car

So you’ve done your research and are all set to buy your new ride. Here are the important questions you need to ask before going ahead with the deal.

1) Variant v/s features: Often the companies mention various features in the advert and mention the price of the basic variant meanwhile most of the good features are offered on the high-end variant of the same model which has a much high asking price.


2) Has this car been used for demo? It has come to the notice recently that dealers often sell the cars they use for demo and test drive at a discounted price. These cars are often are not fresh piece and are the once those have been driven harshly and may have been damaged during those nasty test drives by new drivers.

3) Loan schemes & Instalments: If you are buying your car on loan, ask for the various options and mode of repayment. Be clear of the terms and conditions of the scheme. Ask for the processing fees and miscellaneous charges. Often the lenders hide these miscellaneous charges.

4) Warranty: These days almost all car companies provide standard warranty limited to kilometers/ years. Ask what all things are covered in standard warranty. This way you can also evaluate the benefits of buying extended warranty.


5) Offers and freebies: Dealer’s often lure customers with offers such as free insurance and free extended warranty. Similarly dealers also offer freebies and accessories such as seat covers, floor mats, perfumes, worth thousands of rupees.

6) Discounts: Dealers offer huge discounts on outgoing model to clear stocks but you have to get that deal with good bargaining.

7) Bonus: Car dealers offer exchange bonus and loyalty bonus in exchange of your old car worth several thousands.

8) Cost of ownership & Service centre List: You should always ask for average maintenance charges and the cost of ownership for the car. It helps you ascertain the cost to be incurred over a period of time. Also ask for the list of authorized service centers for your car and check the center near you coz that is the place you are go to see most of the times to get you car fixed.

9) Miscellaneous Charges: There are various miscellaneous charges that are levied under a various heads. So, get a breakup of the final price which includes but is not limited to ex-showroom price, taxes, processing charges, registration fee etc.

10) Best Price: Is this the best you can do? This is a question which nudges the salesperson to give you a better offer than what is up on the table because he realizes that you can go up to the next dealer for a better deal.

The prime question: Do I really like this car?

So you have zeroed in on the best buck for the money, high on mileage low on maintenance car, but the question is do you really like it or it’s just the spec sheet and budget considerations that have influenced your decision. Buying a car is an emotional decision for most of us, more so when it is our first car. One should only buy a car that he would love to drive and would love to own. Your car is your identity and a figure of personal statement.


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