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10 Tips to Know Before Going For a Test Drive

After months of research and careful selection, one makes a list of cars from among which he/she wants to test drive and make the final selection for their car to be. For this purpose, people make visits to their by showrooms but often ignore the necessity of a list of to do things at the showroom while getting a test drive.

Following are the tips that can come in handy while selecting the best car for you:

1) You should go for a test drive on a day that you are relatively free and are at leisure. Schedule it at a time so that you may not have to hurry it out and do it to your satisfaction.

2) Inquire about each and everything in detail about the car from the executive at the dealership till you are satisfied with his response and do not have any doubt

3) Look the interior space of the car to check if the space inside it is adequate for your daily use. After all, you have to spend a lot of time in the front/ back seat of the car. Also, ascertain the amount of space the car takes up for parking and check if it fits the parking space you have back home

4) Take the car out on the road to get the feel of it. Drive it on the traffic free stretch and then again on a congested road to notice how the car performs

5) To understand the car in a better way, you may also take it on your routine driveways or a route you know well. This will give you a close feel of the way car drives

6) Adjudge the car form the driver’s seat as well as that of the passenger. Check the comfort level and the space provided. After all this will be required for those long weekend journey

From the driver’s seat try to see the ergonomics, the adjustments available to the driver in terms of the seat, steering and switch controls which come to use in various driving situations

7) Carefully check the legroom head room and shoulder room of the rear and front seats after adjusting the front seats for a tall person’s height. This will give you a good idea of the space in the car

8) Pay attention to the sound and noises coming out of the car. Also check the NVH levels (noise, vibration and harshness) of the car which if are high, may make your ride a less pleasurable experience

9) Switch on that music player and experience the music quality of the audio system, which is an indispensable part of you driving experience and makes it a pleasure to be in the car

10) Never go for attest drive alone. If possible take an expert mechanic along and you will be rewarded when he gives his beneficial expert opinion about your future car. He can also draw your attention to various flaws of the car which you otherwise would have ignored

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