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13 Reasons Why your Car Committed Suicide!

“No one knows for certain how much impact their single decision has on the lives of others people.” This is so true. Someone’s choice of living up to a decision can result in someone giving up their lives. How does it feel when you listen about someone committing suicide, due to someone else’s negligence? Feels bad, doesn’t it? But tell us, how would you feel if someone is committing suicide because of you? You’re a reason of death. Sounds like straight out of your nightmares, doesn’t it?

But what if you already are a reason for making a member of your family sad, depressed and on verge on committing suicide? Yes, I’m talking about none other than your darling car. Do you remember when you got your very own Mahindra SUV home for the first time? Remember how happy you were looking at it? Do you remember how much pride you felt while driving it home?

But that wasn’t enough! You did a mistake! You choose wrong! You choose to ignore! You choose fake! You didn’t pamper her enough! How could you do this to your very own SUV? It’s said that it is never too late to do the right thing. Continue reading in order to save your beloved SUV from committing suicide.

Here are 13 REASONS WHY your car is ON THE VERGE of committing suicide!

1. You didn’t use genuine spare parts:

Car Tips - M2ALL

Why do you visit a trusted or branded restaurant to eat? Why do you prefer branded clothes to wear at all occasions? Why do you choose a trusted brand while buying a car? Why??? Because you love pampering yourself and giving the best to yourself. But then do you care, once the best is with you, how to maintain that best?

Let’s say that you’ve got yourself an uber-luxurious XUV300. It suits your charismatic personality, gives you a sense of pride while riding. But, after giving you so much happiness, it only expects one thing in return – that’s Genuineness.

It is a known fact that one should always use original – even original and genuine spares. Why? Because it is made exclusively for your SUV. Therefore it’s highly important to get your vehicle proper genuine spare parts, so that the car doesn’t face any issues in future. Plus the genuine spares come from a brand that manufactured the vehicle therefore the quality and size is perfectly tailored for the SUV. So, it’s a win-win situation in all cases.

2. You used cheap quality accessories:

Car Accessories - M2ALL

Buy the best and you’ll only cry once, buy cheap and you’ll cry forever”- Miles Redd

True that! There are times when we are given the option of buying cheap products for less than good quality products at a considerably higher price. When given the choice, it is totally subjective, meaning it’s up to you. But, in our opinion (and also, your SUV’s), you should go for quality, not quantity.

And it’s not just for the vehicle, but for you too. A good quality Car Accessories set not only helps the car look like a fine work of art, but also gives you a sense of pride. Using Genuine Accessories, which are made exclusively for your SUV, helps your SUV stand out from the monotonous crowd. As an added bonus, it lasts longer and comes with proper warranty and guarantee, directly from the car manufacturer. Additionally, the materials used are of premium quality, so you need not worry about your car. Instead, you are doing your car a favor and getting the best car accessories for your SUV.

3. You didn’t change the engine oil on time:

Damaged Engine - M2ALL
Your engine can look like this if you don’t take care.

We need our daily intake of food, supplements, and other things to keep us energized, on time. In the same way, your car will stay energized when it feeds on Engine Oil. Think of engine oil as the BLOOD which runs through the veins of your car, and we know that it is super important to have the purest blood running through our bodies.

If you don’t change the engine oil after 5,000 miles it starts given vehicle different type of trouble and it might end up breaking down in the middle of your drive.

A recent study by the Car Care Council of the Be Car Care Aware campaign stated that 22% of vehicles have low or dirty engine oil. Therefore it’s very important to change the engine oil, along with changing it on time its important what kind of engine oil you’re using, it should be suitable enough for your car, should have proper quality.

4. Didn’t check your tire pressure:

Flat Tyre - M2ALL
Flat tires annoy all, including your SUV!

Tires are said to be any car’s best friend, and therefore whenever we choose a car we tend to get the best quality tires, but just purchasing and getting it fixed isn’t the solution na? We need to keep a check on the tire, its pressure, its rotation and all. This isn’t just for the car but for you safety as well. This is one of a very important issues which owners tend to underestimate a lot.

There are three types of tires – Underinflated, properly inflated and overinflated. Driving with an under-inflated tire is unsafe, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 1/3 of passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs are being driven with at least 1 under-inflated tire. If the tire pressure is too low, much amount of tire touches the ground and this lead to increase of friction which may lead to overheat and wear & tear of the tire at early stage.

Driving with an over-inflated tire is highly dangerous for the vehicle and for you as well. Most of the time an over-inflated tire leads to vehicle blowout that’s when the issues like losing control of vehicle, negative affect on breaks, can occur which leads to endangering yourself, others and the vehicle on road.

It’s extremely important to have a perfectly inflated tire which won’t lead to any unpleasant ride or accidents on road. It’s always better to invest in a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, so that there’s no problem on the go.

5. Didn’t consult an expert:

Car problems - M2ALL

They say complexity is beautiful, so we love a complex machine like our car. And at times, we do not understand the complex thing well, so we consult an expert. Just like how we humans consult a doctor when ill, we should definitely consult an automobile expert when our car is in a tough spot. It’s important to take right guidance and solutions from the person who deals with similar kind or the same brand vehicle all the time, as they exactly have the knowledge of what’s wrong and how could it be cured.

There are times when we try solve it by ourselves and, unwittingly, increase the problem. So, we go or consult a local car mechanic who might not have an exact idea about your car, it’s issue either it’s solution, therefore they might misguide you or overcharge you without even solving the issue,

Whereas a proper domain expert, who has detailed knowledge about your car, and can guide you properly about the issue and its solution, without overcharging, and along with guarantee and warranty.

6. You drove it rough:

Rash Driving - M2ALL

Driving is one of the most freeing and enjoyable activities for any car lover. At times. long drives are the solution even help in making the mood better, and speeding up the car on empty road seems so much fun. But there are times when you feel super irritated while driving, while in traffics or bad weather conditions and in that time you end up speeding up your car speed limit, start driving it rough.

This is extremely dangerous, car owners are given a speed limit which they are strictly supposed to follow, and exceeding that limit is violation of rules and is considered illegal. This is because if these rules aren’t followed properly these situation become highly dangerous and harmful if occurred. It might harm the person driving, passengers inside, people on the road, damage to the owner’s vehicle or the vehicles on road. Therefore roughness is to be avoided while driving.

7. Didn’t check the car’s battery health:

Dead car Battery - M2ALL

Just imagine you’re on your way for a long drive, the weather is sunny beautiful, everything is packed and you’re in the mood of forgetting all your stress, but just when you thought that, you see that your car isn’t working and when you check the battery is DEAD.

To avoid such a situation, checking your car battery frequently is very important. You don’t want to be embarrassed being stuck because you didn’t pay attention to your car. Imagine this – your car has broken down in the middle of the road, you’ve been struggling to get help and its taking super long for the help to reach you. Getting your car battery checked isn’t much work, every genuine automobile service center can help you check your battery health.

8. Didn’t use Radiator Coolant:

Hot Car Engine - M2ALL

The radiator coolant of the car is an important fluid that helps keep your vehicle run smoothly.  It’s highly important to have this product in your SUV cooling system so as to maintain the optimal car engine temperature in any weather conditions. It even acts like antifreeze in extreme freezing winter climate.

Along with keeping the car cool and acting as antifreeze, it even acts as a corrosion protector. It’s very important to even use the correct specification of coolant for your vehicle so as to maximize the life of the coolant system.

9. Didn’t consider getting car protecting gadgets:

Car Parking Sensors - M2ALL

Your SUV is like your child. You need to pamper it with love and treat it just like your family. So, just like any other car-parent, there are a few duties that you can’t overlook. One of them is protecting your baby from the cruel world, filled with demons on 4 wheels and 2 legs!

A clumsy car-parent needs to invest in products like Front and Rear bumpers, Front Parking Sensors and Reverse Parking Sensors, and other protection materials so as to prevent the car from any type of dent and scratches. This helps in keeping your SUV scratch-free at all times.

10. Didn’t keep the car clean:

Dirty Car - M2ALL

This is specifically for the procrastinators who leave it for the next day. Just like how we appreciate it when our surroundings are clean, be it our house, office and society, in the same way, one would like a clean car!  It is always appreciated when the vehicle is kept tidy.

It’s said that unclean place attracts negativity. And we couldn’t agree more! Sitting in an untidy car with mess scattered definitely makes the drive uncomfortable and unpleasant. Having car-friendly products like Backseat Organizer, Car Dustbin, Car Vacuum Cleaner, Tissue Box, Air Freshener, clean Seat Covers, etc. help in keeping the car spotless at all times.

11. Didn’t change air filters on time:

Dirty & Clogged Air Filter - M2ALL

Just like how engine oil is the blood of a car, and tires are its best friends, air filters are the lungs of the car. It’s highly important to keep the air filters clean because they clean the air from outside, filters it by keeping the unclean air and throws it away from the engine.

Its main function is to prevent dirt and other harmful things to enter the engine and preventing any further damage to your engine or to you. It is in your best interest to keep the air filter clean to prevent the car bursting into flames (and then people flocking to toast their marshmallows later).

The engine air filter should be change replaced between 15,000 to 30,000 miles, depending on the driving conditions of owner. But, we recommend changing it sooner, because when it comes to safety, you shouldn’t take any chances.

12. Irregular maintenance and servicing:

Irregular Car Servicing - M2ALL

We are all a little lazy when it comes to giving our car to the servicing guys. We delay it, saying that the car can run for a few more days. We might need the car urgently and look for another reason for giving the car late for servicing. Just like how we need regular grooming and maintenance for keeping our looks and beauty intact, so does our car.

Thus, regular maintenance and servicing is a must, as it not only helps increase the car’s efficiency, but it also is beneficial in knowing about the technical issues in the vehicle that we might not see at times. It even helps in keeping the car exteriors and interiors clean and maintained.

13. Didn’t consider keeping your car protected while it was not driven:

Car Droppings - M2ALL

There are times when we can’t take our car out for a spin – like the mind-bending traffic, a vacation, or just the laziness to drive your car. But at least when you aren’t driving the car, it’s the owner’s duty to keep it protected and properly stored. There are various ways to keep the car protected and safe, and there are a list of issues when you don’t keep it safe.

Issues: Leading to foul smell, Dead battery, House for creatures like rats and spiders, Dust and particles entering the vehicle, scratches and dents on exteriors, and a lot more.

How to keep it safe: Use a Car Body Cover, fill the vehicle’s gas tank properly, ask someone to at least start your vehicle once in a while and make sure the area where it is parked it cleaned properly.

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