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Owning a Mahindra XUV500 is a joy like no other! The Plush New XUV500 has a Cheetah-inspired design, making it stand out from the ordinary. I am sure you have spent a lot of efforts in buying your ‘Dream Car’! But, what if you can add just a few accessories to really make it stand out? Here is a list of the must-have car accessories you should have!

#1: Black Diamond – Cut Alloy Wheels

XUV500 Alloy Wheels- M2ALL

The first thing one notices in your car is the shiny, stylish wheels! Make everyone’s heads turn with these sporty, yet classy diamond – cut alloy wheels. Tested and loaded with premium quality alloy, it is ARAI certified Genuine Alloy Wheel. These provide a different look altogether as compared to conventional painted alloy wheels.

#2: Premium Seat Covers

XUV500 Premium Seat Covers - M2ALL

Pamper your new age Mahindra XUV500 with an exclusive and elite range of Seat Covers to choose from! The seat covers are crafted in such a way that it give the classy and elegant look to your already-classy XUV500. These are resistant to wear and tear and also provide for a comfortable and pleasant drive!

#3: Reverse parking camera

XUV500 Reverse Parking Camera - M2ALL

In today’s time, it is a must to have a Reverse Parking Camera as reverse parking is a challenge for many drivers! With this reverse camera specially made for XUV500, you can park your car hassle-free! It has excellent low light visibility (0.5 Lux), 170 degree viewing angle, a 684×504 Pixel Image Sensor, and is certified water-resistant. Say goodbye to your parking hurdles forever!

#4: ORVM ring garnish set

XUV500 ORVM Chrome - M2ALL

There are plenty of ways to style up your XUV500, but nothing styles it up better than chrome accessories! The ORVM Ring Garnish set is made to make your car look aesthetic! Compared to other metals, chrome has a shiny look which makes it popular among vehicle owners! ORVM ring garnish set plated with chrome caps gives a panache look to XUV 500 and adds to the profile of the new age SUV!

#5: Upper Grill Chrome Appilque

XUV500 Upper Grill Chrome - M2ALL

Now, you can modify the face of your New Age Mahindra XUV 500 with this macho Upper Grill Chrome Applique! Just like a man’s look is enhanced by a well-maintained moustache, this Upper Grill Cover makes your beloved XUV well-groomed! It is easy to install using prefixed double sided tape and it perfectly matches the contours of your SUV!

Your XUV500 is the reflection of your personality and style – Majestic and fierce, like a Cheetah! Spice it up with these must-have Genuine car accessories, available on the Official Mahindra e-Store, These car accessories will not only make your car flamboyant but also give it the look you dream of!

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