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5 Accessories for the Beast of Off-Roading!

Tough, Aggressively Powerful and Macho-Looking, there’s ONLY one thing that can truly justify these qualities! Any guesses? If you guessed the stunningly macho Mahindra Thar, then you are ABSOLUTELY right! With a major cult-like following, Mahindra Thar is a true Macho SUV. It is one of the most respected vehicles that every macho guy (or a gal, for that matter) wants to own. No one messes when the King is on the road!

With a rock-solid build, classic old-timer looks and a beast-like performance, the Mahindra Thar is a fan-favorite among adventure junkies. You would often see a herd of Thar cars near hillsides, riverbanks and in the wild, wandering the landscape. Thar is a true Off-roader, which needs only the best to travel to unknown terrains!

Thar is one of the most customisable vehicles out in the market. There are infinite ways you can use Thar Genuine Accessories to make your Thar stand out from the rest. If you add even a handful of accessories on it, it will feel more rugged and sturdier. Here are a few car accessories that will make your Thar your pride!

1. Thar Hard Top Kit

Tar Hard Top Kit - M2ALL

One of the things that makes the Thar so unique is the open-top. You want to feel the wind in your hair and experience the thrills of riding a fierce monster, that’s when you would keep the beast topless. But, on other times, you want to have the top covered because you want the AC turned on or have your favorite jam on the radio playing. Or you want to protect your car from thieves, who can easily slice through the Soft-top. In such cases, having a Hard Top Kit helps, a lot. The Hard Top Kit is made up of tough Fiber, which can withstand any rough situations with ease. Thar Hard Top Kit saves the delicate interiors like seat covers, music systems, dashboard and more from getting wet you’re your beast is dominating the unknown terrains!

2.Thar Snorkle

Thar Snorkel - M2ALL

When you are taking your Thar for a spin in the wild, you are definitely going to take it in the water. And we all know, water and cars are not very good buddies. A Snorkle, as the name suggests, helps to not let the water enter the engine while you are showing off some bold driving skills. The snorkel also keeps the engine cool and keeps the airflow cleaner as it sucks in the cleaner air from the surroundings. This greatly helps to keep the beast running strong for years to come. It is a must-have car accessory for you Thar. Apart from all the benefits, a snorkle also makes your Thar look more rugged and macho!

3. Thar Black Bull Bar

Thar Bull Bar - M2ALL

The word that perfectly sums up Thar is BOLD. You can make your Thar bolder with this tough-looking Black Bull Bar. Just like the macho personality of any Off-Roader, this Black Bull Bar is made from highly toughened steel, which helps to drive through tough obstacles. The bull bar protects the front from any damage caused due to collision. Adding a bull bar is also considered practical as it protects your other accessories like winch, lighting and more. This bull bar is the accessory that can take the looks of your car from eh to waah!

4. Thar Front Bumper with Winch Plate

Thar Front Bumper with Winch Plate - M2ALL

The first thing people notice in your Thar is the rugged front. The front has the classic Jeep look which looks vintage. Any off-roading expert would know this – sometimes, you can get stuck while doing extreme stunts. In such cases, having a Front Bumper with Winch Plate gets you out from this sticky situation. The front bumper and the winch plate are made from some heavy-duty steel to complement the rough and tough off-roader in you. The winch plate is toughened up, so that it can hold a winch of any weight. This car accessory is for those who are have their DNA made of mad off-roading skills.

5. Thar Limb Risers

Thar Limb Risers - M2ALL

For any die-hard fan of off-roading, one of the most annoying issues is when you are in the jungle and the tree branches keep hitting the windscreen of your Thar. This hinders with the driving. But, there is a simple and an inexpensive solution – Limb Risers. Limb risers help to deflect the branches away from the front, which would otherwise smack your car and damage it. Limb risers also help to protect other Thar accessories like the snorkel, antennas and other accessories from getting stuck in the branches. It might not seem like much help, but a small investment on limb risers have saved thousands of bucks by preventing scratches on the windshields.

These Thar off-roading accessories make the already-sturdy and tough Thar look meaner and tougher. When adventure calls, make sure you have these accessories on your Thar and your off-roading experience will be safe, exhilarating and total kickass! You can buy all the off-roading accessories for Thar online on – Official Mahindra e-Store, where you will get 100% Genuine products.

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