5 Chrome Accessories for Your Bolero Neo

The Bolero Neo is one of the most capable SUVs out there, one that can take care of all your highway trips and ensure capable commuting on city roads. The Bolero Neo is known for offering adequate space and comfort, along with great features to boot. It has swiftly become one of the most popular SUVs in the country. Did you know that the Bolero Neo’s attractive exterior can be further boosted with a few chrome accessories? These also have an alternative role to play at times, ensuring superior vehicle protection as well.

On that note, here’s taking a look at the best 5 options that you can choose in this regard with help of M2all Mahindra genuine accessories:

Bolero Nero Chrome Fog Lamp Applique Set

This chrome fog lamp appliqué set will naturally elevate the entire look and feel of your Bolero Neo SUV. They are inexpensive and greatly add to the car’s appearance. The vehicle front naturally becomes more attractive as a result.

Check out Chrome Fog Lamp Applique set for bolero neo.

Bolero Neo Rear License Plate Chrome Garnish

Add some oomph to your rear license plate with this stylish and enticing chrome garnish. This looks really sleek and appealing and you will find the overall look to be quite attractive indeed.

Find at Bolero Neo Rear License Plate Chrome Garnish

Bolero Neo Chrome Headlamp Applique Set

Why not give your headlamps something more in terms of their overall look and feel? Try this appliqué seat for your headlamps in chrome. They will naturally add that special wow factor to the look of your Bolero Neo model.

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Bolero Neo Chrome ORVM Garnish with LED Blinker (Set of 2 Pcs)

If you want something affordable that can safeguard your rear-view mirror and indicators from knocks and scratches, then you can go for this set of two pieces. These chrome garnish options for your ORVMs are stylish and effective. They look splendid when added to your Bolero Neo and come with LED blinkers as well. This will add a whole new dimension to the look of your Bolero Neo on the road.

Chrome ORVM Garnish with LED Blinker for Bolero Neo

Bolero Neo Tail Lamp Chrome Garnish (Set of 2 Pcs)

You can give your Bolero Neo’s tail lamps some additional protection with this chrome garnish set. This comes with two pieces for both your tail lamps and they ensure that your tail lamps are better secured from sudden knocks and bumps. They also look immensely appealing, to say the least, adding that touch of elegance to the tail lamps at the back.

Check Bolero neo Tail Lamp chrome garnish.

These are five chrome accessories that will certainly elevate the look of your Bolero Neo. You will find them with ease at M2All, the best platform to find high-quality Mahindra genuine accessories and other components. You can expect genuine components at affordable prices and that too in one place.

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