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5 Genuine Accessories for your Mahindra SUV that you should have

There are two types of products in the market, one which are manufactured by the official industries with perfect and premium quality, testing and fitting & second made by the industries with cheaper quality products and no testing and fitting. Generally, people feel that there is almost no quality difference and the only variation in of the price, but that’s a complete myth. Each and everything differ from its quality to price to guarantee. So we have listed down 5 Genuine Accessories that you should only buy from the official manufacturers of the Mahindra SUV and why should you only buy it from the Official Mahindra e-Store,

1. Seat Covers

Mahindra SUV Seat Covers - M2ALL

The first thing that comes to your mind once you buy your own Mahindra SUV is the ways to keep your car maintained and tidy, starting with keeping the seats protected and covered. Thus, you end up searching and surfing about seat covers, and definitely you get numerous options that have different prices, looks, quality and even manufacturers, but at a lot of times, it’s just a gimmick to sell the product.

You have put your savings to purchase a SUV that you’re going to use it for a very long time for a lot of occasions. And if you put your trust, and such a huge amount (maybe even your life’s savings) into a car, then why should you settle for sub-par quality? Why trust some local vendor or an unknown/bogus site for the safety of your car and yourself?

The only and major reason to purchase from the official store is to get “GENUINE” quality product for your car.

These lush seat covers from the official manufacturers have these benefits that you might not get it from elsewhere:

  • Tailored-made for your car
  • Premium Quality material
  • Water-resistant, Abrasion-Resistant and Dustproof
  • All-weather, Bacteria resistant & High GSM material for comfortable & long-lasting service
  • Available with 1-year Warranty
  • Covers are made for perfect fitting

2. Floor mats

Mahindra SUV Floor Mats - M2ALL

Just as mentioned above, vehicles safety and tidiness are above all, and thus we take every possible measure. But there are a few accessories that we focus on specially, one of them is the floor mats for the vehicle. They are play an extremely important in maintaining the car and keeping it safe from various type of clutter and particles.

Why choose Floor Mats from official manufacturers and not rely on others? The answer lies in the quality and the fitting. This is something that isn’t considered by untrustworthy sources, as their only motive is to sell the product, while you, the customer, has to bear the consequences if anything goes wrong. When you purchase for the official manufactures are responsible for accurate measurement, perfect fitting, premium quality and bounded by yearly warranty.

These Floor Mats from the official manufacturers have the listed benefits:

  • Designed with car specific measurements and fittings
  • 100% waterproof full floor cover to protect a vehicle’s floor from dirt, wear and salt corrosion
  • All weather Floor mats.
  • Available with 1-year Warranty
  • Mats are fully tested for perfect fitting

3. Alloy wheels

Mahindra SUV Alloy Wheels - M2ALL

When you have invested in a vehicle, and ways of keeping it safe and maintained, the next thing you dream of is modifying the car with various accessories, to give your vehicle a specific look that makes it distinct from the rest.

It’s something which is necessary for all, be it humans or vehicles. The make-over for your car involves a lot of materials but something which is highly attractive and eye-catching are the “Alloy Wheels”. It something which you can ignore but invest in, and thus again when you’re investing a amount that is huge, make sure of the manufacturer and their motive, is it to just sell the product or is it to manufacture, customize, test, sell and review.

These Alloy Wheels from the official manufacturer are better than your cheap, generic ones in these ways:

  • Tailor-made, specifically for your vehicle
  • Blend of Premium Grade Aluminium and Nickel
  • Provides superior heat dissipation, leading to better performance of the car’s brakes
  • Improves Overall Tyre Life
  • ARIA certified
  • Rust-resistant and 100% Leak-Proof

4. Chrome Appliques

Chrome Accessories Mahindra SUV - M2ALL

The best way to make your car look different, attractive and best is to add exterior accessories as per your taste, there are accessories that are shiny, plain, vibrant, sophisticated and what not. Just its up to you for making the decision. But something that never goes out of style and always is a head-turner are the chrome accessories.

Chrome accessories are always the best investment while modifying and customizing the vehicle. But again, why from official manufacturer? It’s because they know the exact outlook of your SUV’s model, and thus while handling over the chrome set, the fitting, size, color and quality everything is going to be of the best quality.

These Chrome accessories from the official manufacturers have the listed benefits:

  • Superior quality 40-micron chrome plated garnish
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Developed as per the Mahindra Genuine accessories standards
  • Perfectly matches & enhances the look of the SUV
  • Easy to fit

5. Sunshades

Mahindra SUV Magnetic Sunshades - M2ALL

At times we completely ignore the minute yet extremely effective accessories that are so important for keeping your car up to date. One of the many such items are Sunshades; they seem like a stretch, but trust us, they are very important. They help in keeping the car interiors protected from extremely harmful UV rays, they help in protecting the passengers from the sun rays, light and heat.

Why from official store? The main reason is that the sunshades from the official manufacturers are tailored specifically for the car, measuring the windows and its angles. It is made of material that of high quality and the magnet doesn’t harm the window, fitting perfectly.

The Magnetic Sunshades from the official manufacturers have the following benefits:

  • Fine polyester material with high quality magnet
  • Made with exact size to fit the car windows perfectly
  • ORVM view cut-out on driver & Co-driver side
  • Magnets on the edges keep the shades securely in place even when the window is down on high speeds to keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays & glare
  • Easy to install, use and remove at any time

So here we listed the answers to why get the accessories from the official e-store,, as the motive isn’t to just provide you, the customer, with the best product, but to make sure that the customer gets the feeling of custom-made products that meet the high quality standards, tailored fitting, chic and stylish looks, and exclusive service that you get.

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