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5 interior Accessories for Bolero Neo

The Bolero Neo is one of the top SUVs in the country. It comes packed with several features and other additions that make it a compelling proposition for buyers today. The Bolero Neo looks beautiful and imposing on the road and you can also integrate multiple interior accessories for the same. Here are the top 5 interior accessories for the Bolero Neo that you should take a closer look at:

Bolero Neo Body Cladding Kit (Set of 5 Products) for N4, N8, N10, N10 (O)

This is one of the best accessories that you can get for the Bolero Neo. The SUV comes with this stylish set that ensures protection all around and also looks really appealing at the same time. This is certainly a fantastic buy to say the least.

Body Cladding Kit for Bolero Neo.

Bolero Neo Chrome Fog Lamp Applique Set

The fog lamp appliqué set in chrome is another fabulous accessory for the Bolero Neo that you should not miss at all! This looks stylish and sleek on the road and adds greatly to the overall look and feel of the front fascia.

Check out Fog Lamp for Bolero Neo.

Bolero Neo Rear License Plate Chrome Garnish

This is another fabulous accessory option for Bolero Neo owners. This makes the rear license plate look stunning and it comes with a wonderful chrome garnish option as well.

Find Bolero Neo Rear License Plate Chrome Garnish.

Bolero Neo Scuff Plate Set (4 Pc)

This scuff plate set of the Bolero Neo looks really stylish and elegant, to say the least. It is also quite reliable and will last you long. It also ensures good underbody protection of the floor area. It will greatly add to the overall interior ambience.

Scuff Plate set for Bolero neo.

Bolero Neo Silver Body Cover

This is another one of the helpful accessories that you should check out. This will keep your Bolero Neo well-covered all throughout. It will keep the SUV free from dust and other grime. This is an indispensable accessory that you should not miss out on.

Check Bolero Body Cover

You should always check out these helpful accessories for your Bolero Neo online. They are readily available at M2All, which offers 100% authentic Mahindra genuine accessories and spares.

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