5 Most Important Tips To Protect Your Car’s Paint

Who doesn’t want a gleaming car that looks like just out of the showroom, every time you take it out for a spin!

But it takes some efforts and simple care to have that glossy look. Following are some handy tips to maintain your car’s exteriors.

1) Washing: You should wash your car regularly so as to get rid of the dust, dirt, grime and various other pollutants and contaminants, not to forget those horrible bird droppings and tree sap. These are harmful to your car paint’s surface and finish.

Blue car washing on open air

Using a jet spray nozzle is an easy way to wash off the dirt and grime off the various surfaces starting with the wheels.

Care should be taken that one uses only a good quality mild car shampoo with a neutral pH to wash the car rather than detergents and other washing products that are acidic in nature and may damage the paint.

A microfiber cloth is a must have to clean the car surface as the experts opine that these remove the dirt away from the paint and avoid swirl marks. Normal cloth or a rag usually carries the dirt particle with them and may scratch the paint’s surface.

3M Microfiber Cloth Hero

You may also use various portable car washing kits available online or with the car accessory dealers and have the convenience of washing your car anywhere.

washing kit 1

2) Polishing: Polishing the car after the wash is the next step to make it look new and shiny. Apply the polish in a circular to and fro motion overlapping the strokes using a microfiber or a foam applicator on one surface/panel at a time. You can finish the exercise by using soft cloth or the machine to get that perfect shine. Now a days, there are various kinds of polishes available for metal and fiber body parts of the car as well as for tires.

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 3) Waxing: Experts believe that cars should be regularly treated with wax, at least once every three months. Wax is essential for the protection of the surface of the cars’ paint from the damage that occurs over the period of time. Remember that clean smooth and glossy surface of your cars body when it just came out of the factory, it wears off slowly and gradually. Waxing not only fills in the pores and uneven surface of the car that happens due to minor scratches and stone chips but also provides protection from the corrosion that is inevitable if those chippings are left unattended. The simple way of waxing is to apply it in circular motion using a soft sponge or a soft cloth and don’t forget to buff for that smooth surface. A good quality wax does the duty for several months.

Paste Wax 340g

 4) Use scratch remover: The new age scratch removers are also handy for those scratches that occur over the normal course of driving in that bumper to bumper traffic during the rush hour. Though they don’t remove the major scratches but easily remove the paint scrapes that happen due to oxidation, normal wear and bird excrement. These are easily available online and at the dealer near you.


 5) Rustproofing agents: Last but not the least you should use rust proofing agents to protect the surface of your car especially if you live in a humid climate or if you live in coastal areas where there is salty air. This helps prevent rust build up and corrosion over your car and under the chassis as well!


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