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5 Must-Have Car Accessories for your Mahindra XUV300!

If there is one SUV in the market that has made the experts talk, it is new Mahindra XUV300. The Mahindra XUV300 is the epitome of class, comfort and charisma. It is truly a Cheetah in performance, looks and feel. It is a beautiful beast, with killer performance, stylish interiors and unparalleled comfort. This is enough to make XUV300 every owner’s pride!

But, what if you could make your Cheetah feel even more special? Here are the 5 must-have accessories which every XUV300 owner should have!

1.   XUV300 Chrome Kit Set

Intense Chrome Kit XUV300 - M2ALL

This 11-piece Chrome Accessories set is the perfect way to stylize your Stylish and Thrilling XUV300. This chrome kit gives you the complete freedom to customize your car as per your choice. This Chrome Kit includes Door Handle Set, Head Tail & Tail Lamp Garnish, and Rear Reflector, among others. Any car that has chrome accessories looks different (better different) from the ones that don’t. If you do not require the whole chrome kit, you can also buy individual pieces.

2.   XUV300 Magnetic Sun Shade Set

Sunshades XUV300- M2ALL

There are many generic sellers who make sun shades for XUV300. But, these do not fit well and can end up scratching your windows. The magnetic sunshades set contains 4 magnetic sun shades, which cover the driver and the passenger windows perfectly. Buying these is a must for not only summers, but also for long drives.

3. Carpet Floor Mat Set

Floor Mat Set XUV300 - M2ALL

After a long day at the beach, your XUV300 can get soiled, which can lead to salt corrosion. Having a Floor Mat is a necessity as it not only protects your car from dust and water damage, but it also gives a fine look to the already stylish interiors of the car. This floor carpet mat sets are available in PVC and vinyl, which are waterproof, durable and can provide superior protection all year round!


4. XUV300 Premium Seat Covers

XUV300 Seat Covers - M2ALL

Seat covers are the deal-breaker when it comes to premium looks. There is a plethora of seat covers available in the market. But, they may not fit your XUV300’s seats well. So, it is always recommended to buy Genuine Accessories at all times. These are the best seat covers for your XUV00, made with premium quality vinyl, a waterproof, dust-resistant and an all-weather material. It is a 2-in-1 product, providing stylish protection to your beloved car.


5. XUV300 Alloy Wheels

XUV300 Alloy Wheels - M2ALL

Alloy wheels To keep your  XUV300 in the best shape, you should go for 100% Genuine Mahindra XUV300 Alloy Wheels. Alloy wheels are more durable and lighter than steel ones. The wheels have a 5-diamond cut spoke which provide great balance and great handling grip on the road. As an added bonus, having such chicALloy Wheels will grab some eyeballs while your XUV300 is on the road!

Having these 5 super-cool accessories will not only make your Mahindra XUV300 look great, but these will make sure your XUV300 stays strong and #SetTheRoadsOnFire for many years!

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