5 Picks for your XUV500 Accessories

The Mahindra XUV500 SUV is a beast of a machine. This SUV has long been the king of the roads and highways, offering an imposing and muscular design, powerful engine, and spacious interiors. Yet, how about you accessorize your XUV500 further, to enhance not just its style quotient, but also its usefulness while traveling? Here are five top choices that you can consider for your XUV 500 with help of M2All Mahindra genuine accessories:

Scuff Plates

Getting a set of stylish scuff plates for your XUV500 will make all the difference when you enter the cabin. Find XUV500 Scuff Plate Sets online, for all variants. These are crafted with the best stainless steel, while being easy to fit and install. You will also appreciate the door sill protectors available with this SUV. Check out Scuff plates for XUV500.

Rear Reflector

You can go for a XUV500 Rear Reflector Chrome Garnish Set for several variants. These not only look stylish, but command attention no matter where you are on the road. They make use of high-quality 40-micron chrome plating and also come with salt-spray testing for making sure that there is no corrosion. At the same time, you can get a better fitment without any gaps. They look really nice on the SUV and can be installed easily without any hassles as well.

Rear Reflector for your XUV500.

Alloy Wheels

Give your XUV500 a more elegant and jaw-dropping appearance with the right alloy wheels. Choose from the variety of diamond-cut alloy wheels and hub caps online. These are 18-inchers and are sheer stunners while on the road. These alloy wheels are made from a mix of nickel and premium-grade aluminum, while being readily compatible with your XUV500 variants like W5, W11, W9, and W7. You will find them in a black color with a five-diamond-cut spoke design that looks amazing, with the Mahindra logo for the centre cap. These have been exclusively created for the XU500 and are ARAI-certified as well. They come with heat dissipation properties, enabling better braking performance and higher life of your tyres alongside. They are also resistant towards rust, while being fully leak-proof at the same time.

Find Alloy Wheels for XUV500.

Roof Carrier

Go for an XUV500 Roof Carrier with brackets in a stylish shade of black. This will automatically enhance the utility quotient of your SUV for those long trips. Put your entire luggage overhead, while enjoying higher interior space for seven people in the car. These have a load capacity up to 70 kg and are completely noise-free. They do not hinder the sun roof in any manner, and have the best fittings and fasteners that are easy to put on as well.

Check Roof Carrier for XUV500

Window Line Chrome Kit

Add that special dash of style and panache to your SUV with this window line chrome addition. Get a chrome kit for the first and second row window line, and it will naturally add to its visual appeal on the road. This applies for the W5, W7, and W9 variants, and you can upgrade base variants with this special accessory.

Find out XUV500 Window Line Chrome Kit.

These are some of the finest accessories for your XUV500 that you can find online. Get them all at M2All, the best place to find authorized, certified Mahindra genuine accessories for all vehicles.

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