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5 Tech Car Accessories for the Tech Savvy in You!

Experts have said it – If there is one thing that is going to stay with us forever, it is technology. We are surrounded with new technology everywhere we go. It goes without saying, the world is having a technology boom in every other device or machine that we use, especially cars. The way technology has made cars more fuel-efficient and safe with impeccable designs is significant. To ride the smart way, you should prefer a mix of comfort plus technology.

Here is your guide to tech car accessories that will make your car tech-friendly:

1. Parking camera

One of the hardest tasks of any car driver is to park his/her car without hitting another car or a nearby wall. Parking your beloved car becomes hassle-free with the help of this Reverse Parking Camera that comes with a large 4.3 inch LCD display and auto-switching feature which helps you park safely, even in the most jam-packed areas. It supports 140 degree viewing angle along with low-light video capability, along with other hi-tech features. With this at your arsenal, you can park your car without damaging it!

2. Headrest 7” DVD Touchscreen set

Who doesn’t like to have a touch of entertainment while travelling! When you go on long drives with family, you need to keep your children engaged! Having a headrest screen with built-in DVD player is the best way to enjoy on the move. Easy to use and install, the device comes with zip covers to protect the touchscreen. It is also equipped with an FM modulator so that you can listen to your favorite RJ on-the-go! You can also connect wireless headphones effortlessly and enjoy watching it all with the vibrant LED display.

3. Reading Lamp

This is one car accessory for the avid reader in you! A Reading lamp is a necessity for the bookworms who have a habit of reading their favorite book wherever they go! This Reading Lamp has powerfully bright LED lights, which makes reading easier on the eyes. It’s flexible as well, so you can adjust it in the angle you like. As an additional benefit, you can fit the reading lamp anywhere in your car and position it the way you like!

4. Smart Tracker

Always worried about your car’s whereabouts while you are out? Fear not, and know EXACTLY where your car is by installing this anti-theft Smart Car Tracker. It helps you to locate your car’s location at all times. It also alerts you if you over-speed. The Smart Tracker is equipped with GPS tracking and advanced car security features, making it a ABSOLUTELY necessary to have this multi-utility accessory in your beloved car!

5. Car Charger:

Car Mobile Charger - M2ALL

Don’t you hate it when your phone’s battery drains out, especially when you need it the most? Not to worry, as having a Car Charger helps a lot. You can charge your device at supersonic speed with a premium quality charger. Although it is on a pricier side, but it is worth every buck! You can use it for Android and Iphone devices. Now, you can continue watching your favorite movies and shows worry-free on the go!

These accessories are a must-have for the techie in you, who wants only the best car tech accessories for your car! You can buy these 100% Genuine C

ar Accessories from, Mahindra Group’s Official e-store.

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