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5 Ways to Love Your Car This Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. But many of us car people forget our first love around this time. We usually don’t treat our cars well, wading it through mud on off-road drives, leave it out unprotected in rain, force it to cold most mornings. On a day meant to show love and affection, it isn’t far-fetched to appreciate your drive and strengthen the bond between human and their automobiles.

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Make it Glow: Give your ride a good wash. Nothing shows love than carefully detailing your car on the outside and inside. You should give it a spa by using mild car shampoo while washing away all the debris gently caressing its gorgeous curves. Use a wax polish to get that perfect shine. You may also use a portable car washing kit available online and have the convenience of washing your car anywhere.

Get the interiors cleaned by vacuuming it and do away with all that trash you never discarded (those toll slips, additional stuff that you took up to a picnic etc.)Finish it by cleaning the dash with a dashboard cleaning spray.

Get it dressed up: This Valentine’s Day, get your darling a new set of apparels. Change that rough old floor mat of car and steering grip. Replace the boring seat cover that was installed by your car dealer by some mood lifting cozy covers. Check the tread patterns of your tire and replace them if necessary. You can also replace the windshield wiper blades that you never gave a thought to.

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You have just given your dear car a great makeover!

Make it smell good: Buy your car a new set of fragrances. Shop for some air fresheners and install a new perfume bottle up that beautiful dash. Experts believe that good smell reduces stress and improves mood. So why not invest in this and always have a good mood while driving during those rush hours.

Buy your beloved a Valentine’s Day present: Get some convenience kits for your car as per your needs. A portable air pump or a bumper guard may be a good option. You can also buy her a road side assistance package that would ensure that you never get stranded up that bad stretch.

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Time for Valentine’s Day resolutions: We all make some promises to our partners on Valentine’s Day, don’t we? So why not do the same with your car and resolve to always keep it fit. After all you don’t want to look bad when you are up for that important meeting or on a date with your honey!

  • Filling up the tank before the car starts running on those last drop of fuel.
  • Driving safe and within speed limits.
  • Checking and topping up the oil levels coolant levels and tire pressure at least once every week.
  • Checking the electronics and brakes before every ride.
  • Braking early and gently to keep your tires and brakes in fine condition.

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Now what are you waiting for? Take your first love for a spin up those twisties or on a plane stretch to have that adrenaline rush!

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