7 Exterior Accessories to upgrade the look of Bolero BS6

The Mahindra Bolero has always been synonymous with rugged reliability, appeal, and a signature reputation for toughness that has been unparalleled till date. It is having been one of the highest-selling SUVs on Indian roads for several years now, and has managed to establish itself as a firm favorite of the masses. The Mahindra Bolero is already a stylish and compelling SUV with a classic design that buyers love. However, you can still upgrade the look of your all-new Bolero BS6 version with some cool exterior accessories.

Here’s looking at seven of these genuine accessories that can make your Bolero look bolder and more beautiful. They are readily available at M2All, your one-stop platform for 100% authorized Mahindra genuine accessories and components. You can quickly install these accessories without worrying about voiding your warranty. There are genuine accessories exclusively offered for the Bolero SUV and that too at competitive prices. You can also get delivery of your chosen accessories at your address without any worries at all.

Top 7 accessories for your Bolero BS6.

Bolero BS6 Fog Lamp Chrome Garnish

This is a handy accessory to have, particularly if you are looking at ramping up the look and feel of your Bolero SUV. This chrome garnish will add its own special dimension to your fog lamps while making the car exterior look sharper than before. This is a must-have for all enthusiasts.

Check out Fog Lamp Chrome Garnish for Bolero BS6

Bolero Chrome Front Grill Garnish

How about making your Bolero SUV’s front grill look more menacing yet sleek? Try this front grill garnish that adds a whole new look and feel to your vehicle. This is readily available for swiftly transforming the look of your car.

Front Grill for Bolero BS6

Bolero Front Bumper Add On

If you are really interested in giving your Bolero SUV a beefier or chunkier appearance up front, then you can go for this attractive front bumper add on. This will naturally elevate the appearance of the SUV, giving it extra protection and also enhancing the look considerably.

Find out Bolero Front Bumper

Bolero OE Decal Kit (Light Body)

Talk about innovation and here is a quick way to give your Bolero a cooler and funkier look. Try this body decal kit that will make your SUV stand out from the crowd!

Light Body OE Decal Kit for Bolero.

Bolero Head Lamp Chrome

Want to give your headlamps a special touch? You can try these chrome head lamp accessories that will not only ensure greater protection, but also oodles of style in the bargain.

Check Bolero Head Lamp Chrome.

Bolero Outer Rear View Mirror (ORVM) D2 Chrome Covers

Set of 2 Pcs- This will add a sleek appearance to your rear-view mirrors, keeping them safe from knocks and bumps, while also greatly adding to the stylish appearance of the SUV.

Outer Rear View Mirror (ORVM) D2 Chrome Covers for bolero BS6

Bolero ABS Roof Rail Set

Do you use your Bolero SUV for those long trips and highway jaunts? Then you should definitely ramp up the appearance of your SUV with this roof rail set, which looks rugged and elevates the cool quotient of your vehicle considerably. At the same time, they also ensure greater utility by way of carrying all those luggage bags that you wanted, with ease.

Find out ABS Roof Rail Set.

Check out these top 7 seven exterior Mahindra genuine accessories for your Bolero SUV and integrate them for a splendid look.

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