7 Important Tips To Prevent Car Theft

For a thief, stealing a car is the best option. It’s the only steal that is self-propelled and self-equipped for a quick escape. The car and especially its parts and components are items in steady demand.

So what can be done to avoid this unfortunate situation? Following are the various methods to avoid and deter car theft.

1) Park in a safe space:
you should always park your vehicle in and enclosed space if possible. But a lot of people do not own a parking space of their own and have to park the car on the roadside, in such cases, make sure that the space is well illuminated and is not a secluded place where people come and go frequently. Whenever out on shopping or for work, prefer the authorised parking lot rather than the back alley. No thief wants to steal a car from a public place.


2) Valuables don’t belong in your vehicle:
You should avoid leaving your accessories and other belongings such as sunglasses, purse, laptop, camera etc. in your car. These things attract the thieves to break into your car.


3) Always keep your car well maintained and clean:
No one cares about a car that has been parked at one place for a long time and is dirty. People presume that if a person is doing something to such a car, they are probably the owners and fixing it. This just makes an easy steal.


4) Install auto theft security devices:
Installing auto theft security devices such as ignition cut off, fuel cut off, remote engine immobiliser, theft alarm system in your car to make the theft of your car one hell of an experience for the thief.


5) Use the steering lock and gear lock:
The steering lock and gear lock are very old and useful devices which when employed make it practically impossible to move the car from its place until cracked by the thief which is not an easy task and requires a lot of time.These two most common anti-theft devices are not only very useful but since they are highly visible from outside, they also act as a deterrent to the thieves and they avoid trying to steal such a vehicle.


6) Apply the parking brakes before leaving the car:
Thieves not necessarily break into your car and steal it. It’s likely that someone may directly tow it away if seen in a secluded area. Apply the parking brake and lock the steering wheel all the way to one end towards the curb, this would make it hard to steal.


7) Keep the car locked and windows rolled up:
Whenever leaving your car, even for a short span of time, lock it properly along with the other theft deterrent such as steering lock and gear lock etc. keep the windows rolled up so that the thieves have less chance of unlocking it from within. If you park it in the garage, deploy all the garage locks securely as well.



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