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7 Life-Saving Tips to save you from Potholes!

The monsoon is a magical time, with respite from the scorching heat and a pleasant weather with the winds gleefully playing with you. It is a perfect time to hit the road with your loved ones and enjoy the rides, where memories are made.

But, with the rains pouring harder than ever, it brings a bunch of problems that anyone who has driven a car knows.  There is the never-ending traffic on the roads which moves at a snail’s pace. The roads are super dirty, with mud everywhere. But, there is one thing that everyone fears – POTHOLES. Potholes hamper your dear car badly. Potholes injure thousands every year, with many even losing their lives.

So, it becomes YOUR responsibility to make sure you fight this head-on, so that you drive in the safest way possible, with Zero Loss! Here are some trusted car care tips that will save you from this monstrosity!

1. Drive SUPER Carefully:

This is the first and the most important tip. Many of us forget this, but we tend to over-speed when we see a clear road, not knowing if it is pothole-free. During a heavy downpour, it is in your best interest to drive extra carefully. Maintain a healthy distance from vehicles, dividers and any obstacles which can make you lose balance. Try to take the central lane and avoid any dividers and walls as there is a high chance of your car sliding towards the obstacles.

2. Avoid Puddles:

A puddle can be fun or a disaster if you are careless.

A puddle is a mystery – you never know what is in there. It can be a road, a small stone, or even a menacing pothole. It is recommended to avoid puddles at all costs. A stinky and gooey puddle can make your car smell bad. And you definitely don’t want that. If your car accidentally gets in a puddle, make sure you get out of it quickly.

3. Check your car’s Suspension:

The suspension of any vehicle is critical to maintain. The suspension absorbs the shocks that you get while driving on uneven terrains. This helps in reducing the stress on the engine. It is better to get the suspensions checked beforehand so that you can drive safer. It is recommended to use the best quality suspensions for your car. Suspension will help to reduce the tremors and aftershocks when you are driving on bad roads.

4. Pay close attention to your Tires:

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - MALL
Your Car tires need the best protection so you have a smooth ride this monsoon.

Whenever it rains, it is your car’s tires that bear the brunt of the bad roads. So, it becomes extremely important that you protect your tires. Using a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will help you see how your tires are. It will warn you if your tires do not have the optimum pressure. It is better to be prepared for any unforeseen situation. Carry the spare tire as you never know when you will need that in case one of your tire wears out.

5. Have a look at your car’s Wipers:

Wiper Blades - M2ALL
Wiper blades are more important than you think.

That is, if your old wipers do not help you see the road better. It is always recommended to change your wipers before the monsoon starts. Also, never go for the ones that you can for cheap rates in the market if you really want to win this battle against the potholes. Always check for the quality of rubber used in the strips before you purchase. If you choose to use your old wipers, make sure they have a good amount of wiper fluid in them so that they run smoothly.

6. Check Your car’s Lights:

Car Lights - M2ALL
Prepare well in advance and get bright and powerful car lights.

Your car’s lights are like your car’s eyes – you need to take special care so that you don’t hurt yourself. Check for any fault in the headlights and the tail-lamps and get them rectified immediately. The rain can even enter inside the lights which is very harmful as it can actually make the lights stop working. So, use good quality, genuine car lights to make your ride this monsoon safe. Additionally, you can go for the fog lights which help you see the roads better during a heavy downpour. Clean your headlamps and tail-lamps regularly with a microfiber cloth so that it does not get any scratches.

7. Lastly, Check your Brakes:

Car Brakes - M2ALL
Always go for Quality and invest in Powerful Disc Brakes.

And also most importantly, get your brakes checked. Trust us, you will need that EXTRA force when you have to suddenly stop because there is a deadly pothole ahead. Using a good quality disc brake is crucial as you can stop faster when you see a pothole. The brakes are the most important

With these tips at your arsenal, you can be sure of not only surviving the pothole-filled roads, but you can even enjoy this season!

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