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7 Must-have Summer Car Accessories for your Mahindra SUV

Driving in the summers is a huge hassle, especially in a country like India, where 40° is the norm. But if you happen to live near the sea, it can be an exciting time, when your kids are going to demand a long drive to the beach, or an ice-cream run in the noon. It’s the perfect time to use up your paid leaves to go for a road trip with your family or friends to a rejuvenating hill station to get a respite from the scorching heat for a while. The windows will be pulled up, the AC will be cranked up to the coolest setting possible, the music will be loud and upbeat, but the temperature will get in the way of the perfect drive. Below, we have listed down 7 must-have summer car accessories for your Mahindra SUV that will keep the summer woes at bay!

1. Sunshades

Mahinra car Sunshades - M2ALL

Sunshades are your first line of defence against the brutally hot sun. With Celsius on the rise, it becomes all the more important to protect your loved ones, especially your little ones and the elderly from the sun rays. While sunshades sold locally might be cost-effective, but they won’t do the job effectively, and frankly, they look like a sore spot in your luxurious Mahindra SUV. Your powerful SUV deserves nothing but the best. Adding magnetic sunshades to your SUV not only looks elegant, but it also does a great job of blocking the UV rays. It also helps to keep the car interiors cooler for a longer time. The best part, they can stay on even if you choose to pull the window down, making it hassle-free.

2. Tyvek Body Cover

Tyvek Car Cover - M2ALL

You would associate car covers to be useful for the rains. Well, that’s true. But it is also an important factor to keep your SUV protected during summer.  Wondering how? A good quality car body cover keeps away the harmful UV rays away from the car by up to 88%, which protects the expensive paint job that you did recently. It also protects your exteriors from bird droppings, dry leaves and dust, and the interiors by keeping the car cooler. If you park your car outside in the heat regularly, then you should definitely consider this. Our go-to car cover is the one made with Tyvek, a high-quality material that protects your precious SUV from all sorts of dirt and rays, while lasting for a really long time (no kidding).

3. Portable Car Fridge

Portable Car Fridge - M2ALL

Few years ago, you would have never believed that you could carry your fridge in your car. We are sure you dream about having your favourite beverage with your friends in your car, and maybe a small barbecue near a lakeside. At least 50% of your dreams can be fulfilled with this powerful and portable car fridge. This one does not even consume much electricity, making it easy on your car’s battery. The fridge is quite spacious to hold up to a dozen of bottles. You can even carry fruits and munch on the go!

4. Air freshener

Car Air Freshener - M2ALL

The heat is sure to make anyone irritable and fussy. You are not going to have a pleasant drive if your car is hot as hell and it also smells weird at the same time. Even if you park it for an hour outside, it can be a hot oven when you enter the car, and it would be like that for at least 10-15 minutes until it starts to feel a little normal. Keeping a fragrant air freshener on your dashboard or hanging it from the rear-view mirror does help to keep your mood afloat. There are many fragrances to choose from, right from citrus to ocean to fruity smells, which can last for up to 60 days. They don’t pinch your pockets or take up any space, so it is a must that you buy one for your SUV.

5. Backseat Organiser

Car Backseat Organizer - M2ALL

Summer means a mandatory drive to a beach with your family. When you go to the beach, you would want to keep a sunscreen, bathing suits, beach toys and more with you. A backseat organiser keeps all your beach essentials in one safe, secure place. It has large pockets to keep your kids’ drawing books, colours, toys and food packets together. You will not have to worry to carry a large bag to keep all of these with you when you can simply keep them neatly on the backseat of your car.

6. Car Headrest DVD System

Headrest DVD - M2ALL

The headrest DVD set is usually a thing you might see in super-luxurious cars, and you desire to make your car as fancy as possible. Well, you can get the headrest DVD set installed in select Mahindra SUVs. Your kids are going to love this addition to your Mahindra SUV, as they can watch their favourite shows on-the-go on screens bigger than your phones. These can even play video games when you connect the wireless controllers with the screen. The Entertainment Quotient is definitely going to be high because of this car accessory.

7. Essential kit

Essential Kit for Mahindra SUV - M2ALL

If you wish to get some of the important summer car accessories like sunshades, air fresheners and backseat organiser in a nice bundle that is specially made for your Mahindra SUV, then we would recommend going for an essential kit. As the name suggests, this handy kit has all the essential accessories you will need for a well-maintained car. It is a set of 7 accessories like tissue box holder, mobile holder, car charger and a cute trash can, among others.

With these summer accessories at your disposal, you can say goodbye to the long, sweaty and unbearable sunny days. You can get all of these Mahindra Genuine Accessories from, Official Mahindra e-Store.

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