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7 Out-of-the-box Car Maintenance Hacks for a smooth ride!

Hectic schedules and a fast-paced life has made us a slave for the limited time that we have. We barely get time for ourselves and our loved ones, and making time for other things almost seems impossible. We are social beings and therefore this society demands a lot from us, from meets and social calls to being presentable and matching up expectations. But the only things that works to reduce the stress are the Hacks or Jugaad, as we Indians prefer it. They work like magic and are almost like a blessing.

So here we are going to make your life a little easy, by listing down a few car maintenances hacks that are going to be extremely helpful in any point of your life and are worth trying! We can’t make your life perfect or easy, but we can try and help you skips some problems by using these hacks.

1. Unable to find your car’s location?

Car Parking

One of the biggest issues while going out in a vehicle is to find a parking spot. It one of the most tedious and horrifying tasks, and you can’t agree with us more! We may or may not get an appropriate parking near the drop destination, again take a turn and search for the right parking spot. There are times when we get the parking spot so far, that we tend to find it for a long time to get our the car!

We know how difficult these things are and adding more tension over it isn’t what you want, therefore the best hack is to get yourself a Smart Car Tacker. It is a GPRS-based live tracker for your vehicle, which knows its location at all the time. It has Geo Fence, Route Deviation Alert, Tow Away Alert, Over Speed Alert, and many more time-saving features. This tracker is equal to peace of mind, as it gives real-time information about your car and alerts you about every detail. So at last, car location issue – CHECK!

2. Gas-Filling Trick

Gas Filling for car - M2ALL

Time is money for all of us, and we can’t afford to spend it on trivial things like filling gas every now and then, but that’s a vehicle necessity and we can’t deny that either, so what now? We need another hack for it dude!

So while filling gas in the vehicle along with gas there is input of air as well, and which is of no use of the vehicle, therefore there is a trick to input more gas in the tank than the air, that’s while filling the gas, make sure you hold the gas trigger half way. This will make the flow of gas more and air less. Here we saved more of your money, we mean time!

3. Trash everywhere? Hacked it

car dustbin - M2ALL

While travelling, one of the biggest issues is to whether keep the garbage in the car or throw it out? It’s real confusing as keeping it inside is going to make your car smell like trash (literally) and spoil the mood of the whole trip and throwing it outside is bad (for the obvious reasons), as they’ll charge fine or you’ll have the guilt for littering your area or place.

So, what now? It’s simple, silly! Get yourself and your car a portable trash bin, and to cut out the smell afterwards, a sweet-smelling air freshener. It’s perfect for a happy travelling experience and as the bin is portable and fits anywhere in the car. So, no more guilt, fine or smelly ride, ever!

4. Cold meal, because you’re on my way home? Noooooo!

Car Seat Warmer

Just imagine you’re on the way home, you see your favourite pizza outlet and you can’t wait to go home and order, so you get down from  your car and get it packed and now your on the way home but there is so much traffic, that the pizza is going to get super cold? Relatable much? So now you have two option, to either eat the mouth-watering beauty in the car and, or wait for eternity and eat.

But, we are here to give you an option that you might have never came across, piping hot! So, all you got to do is keep the food package on the seat and switch on the seat warmer. It will make sure that your piping hot parcel is still warm, and this shall slow down the food cooling process.

5. Unorganised stuff, and lazy You!

Car backseat Organiser - M2ALL

We totally get how exciting the weekend trip or rides can be or even a small visit can lighten up your mood, but there is one this that is always on the list and never gets off the plan and that’s organizing materials in the vehicle. It a tough task as eventually everything again is going to be a messy affair.

So here comes an all-time perfect hack, that’s a Seat-Organizer. The one-way solution to keep all your stuff and materials together and make your car and trip both mess free. This organizer comes with various holders and thus you can keep everything arranged and it surly takes less time to find stuff if its in front of you all arranged.

6. East or west, what is the best?

East-West Car Parking

Parking is always been a nerve-wrenching dilemma, but there is also fairly unknown issue of parking in a particular direction! This doubt isn’t focused much as we are so relived if we get a good and clean parking spot, regardless of the direction. But generally, this should be kept in mind that, there are direction which will keep your car safe.

In the morning while off to work, make sure to park the vehicle facing west, as they sun rises from east so your front seat is warm slightly but not extremely, and while in the evening park it facing the east as this might gives the required sunlight to the vehicle in the morning, after wash to dry up quickly.

7. Avoid the food mess made by children like a boss!

Snack Tray - M2ALL

The little fussy passengers are extremely fun to be with all the time as they keep you super entertained and happy, but they also love rides and trip and making messes, like you (just kidding). This is surely going to awaken the OCD freak in you as these little munchkins can be really messy. What to do? Especially when it comes to food?

One accessory that will take your worry away, is the Snack Tray. It’s made up of high strength material and keep your food intact from spilling or dropping on the seat covers, mats or anywhere in the car, while your ride carries on without stoppage!

Wasn’t that an amazing list of life-saving hacks? We know these are going to be super useful and if you try any of them, we would love to hear it from you so, do let us know how it worked for you, in the comment section below.

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