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7 Problems every Car Owner can relate to and simple ways to fix them!

The modern cars have been designed for fewer maintenance requirements with longer gaps in car service to save both your time and money. Regular maintenance and daily care is the key for a smooth, hassle-free ride. However, there can be moments when you might see smoke coming from under the hood or hear some random noise coming from inside your car. These incidents are rare and some of these can be easily fixed if you know a handful of time-trusted ‘hacks’ to fix up your beast in no time! Here we list down some of the common problems every car owner has faced and simple ways (like a first aid) to fix these problems before they get out of hand!

Problem #1: Tyres losing air pressure abnormally

Punctured Tyre - M2ALL

There is no doubt that the tyres are among the most important parts of a car. Taking the best care of tyres is a must as this can literally save your lives. At times, though, you might notice that your car’s tyres are losing pressure way too soon and you have to take frequent trips to fill those up. You might think it must be a puncture in the tyre. There might not be any punctures, but the tyres can still lose the air pressure. A common reason for this is that they have become too old and might need replacement. This leads to small perforations in the tubes, which release the air rapidly. The best solution is to replace these oldies with newer, better ones. A simple solution to this problem is to have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, which helps to keep a track of all your car’s 4 tyres.

Problem #2: Dealing with wet car interiors

Wet Car seats - M2ALL

It is a known fact that winter means dewy nights and early mornings. And sometimes, you forget to close the windows completely, which causes the dew to enter your car. This is a big problem, mi amigo, which can ruin all your delicate, fancy car interiors. Keeping the car wet from the inside can even cause mold to form and mold can kill the good vibes of the car! If you are unfortunately using seat covers made of fabric and some amount of water manages to penetrate, then say goodbye to your car seats forever. To tackle this sticky problem, you have to:

  • Apply a bunch of tissue paper and dry towel to absorb the moisture.
  • Let your car get some fresh, warm sunlight and some air to get the car interiors dried up.
  • If nothing happens, you can always use a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer to speed up the process.
  • If your car smells funny, then you can use air fresheners for a fresh, fruity smell.

Doing this process religiously will help you get your car fresh and dry in no time!

Problem #3: Brakes making weird noises

Brake Noise - M2ALL

You will know this problem as soon as you hear it. This is one issue that can annoy the hell out of any driver! There can be various types of brake noises you must have heard at least once and every time you hear this, your heart skips a beat. Why so? Because even one small mistake can cost dearly. This is among the more serious issues that needs all your undivided attention. Some of the types of noises you might have come across while driving can be:

  • Grinding noise, which is, by far, the scariest noise
  • Breaks make a small, squealing sound

Problem #4: Battery died suddenly?

Dead car Battery - M2ALL

Imagine this: You wake up late one day and have to rush to your office. You sprint towards your car only to see that it won’t start. Among all the issues, this is an easy task to detect because as soon as you will turn the switch on and notice that the dashboard lights have not lit up properly, that’s when the battery issues are seen. There are a lot of reasons as to why your car’s battery died suddenly. The reasons can be:

  • The cold weather makes the battery freeze
  • Keeping the car’s AC on when the car is not running
  • Not using your car for a long time
  • Not keeping a proper tab on your car’s battery health

These factors can severely hamper your car’s performance. The simplest and the best solution is to jump-start it. To do this, you will need these bare essentials – a good quality car jumper cable, another car (you need the battery) and some basic mechanical skills. It is a must that you keep jumper cables in your car as a part of the car essential kit as this will not only help you, but also your fellow auto nuts who might need it in the time of crisis.

First things first, place both the cars on neutral gear. It is important that you give some tie for the car to start, maybe a few minutes or a couple of hours so that your battery gets charged up. You might even have to keep your car running for a while to warm it up.

Problem #5: Steering wheel shaking?

The steering wheel is the part that is used the most. It is also an

Try balancing the wheel and align it to your comfort level.

Problem #6: Getting poor fuel economy out of your car

Poor fuel economy - M2ALL

One of the most irritating things that we are sure everyone hates is when they do not get the maximum out of their hard-earned bucks. The same goes for cars. With the fuel price sky-rocketing every day, it becomes all the more important that your car gives the best mileage. At times, you might not get the best fuel economy, and there can be a handful of reasons why your won’t perform at its best. They can be:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Insufficient Tyre Pressure
  • Poor Driving Habits – Like over-speeding or being super-slow
  • Keeping the car running idle for a long time
  • Worn-out oxygen sensors

These reasons, however small they might seem, are important. So, it is better to look into these habits and try changing it for your car’s long run. You can even get your fuel tank and the pipes checked for any defects. As for the air filters, well, you can change them if they are too clogged up to use.

Problem #7: Your car speakers suddenly stop making noise

Faulty Car Speakers - M2ALL

What are the essentials for an awesome, memorable road trip? Good company, great view and of course, music! And if you have your own car, then you are in for a medley of fun. The one thing that can really get onto your nerves is when your jam is on and it suddenly stops playing (just thinking about it makes your mood bad). Your speakers suddenly going mute can be due to:

  • A blown Fuse
  • Loose antenna and wires
  • Blown out speakers

For tackling this problem, a simple solution is to check the wires. But, if you are unsure as to which wire does the trick, then get it done from an expert so that you don’t cause more damage.

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