7 Things Everyone “Must Have” in Modern Life

Life can be hard to navigate in modern times. Human interactions are increasingly being handled across digital interfaces, but there are certain situations where practical accessories will still always come in handy. Let’s look at seven of the most useful tools to make our everyday lives more convenient, safer and stress-free.

1. Smartphone


With a smartphone, you’re keyed into a world of communications from which you can accomplish anything. Complete business, finance and personal relations on the go, wherever you are.

2. Swiss Army Knife

Army knife

You’re almost certain to run into situations where having a miniature toolkit in your pocket is sure to come in handy. With everything from bottle openers to scissors, tweezers and saw knives all in the palm of your hand, this item is a classic of functional design.

3. Personal Alarm

Personal alarm

Although we’d like to think bad things won’t happen to us, and when you check siren song alarm reviews you’ll see it pays to be careful. These personal devices can come in handy if you have the misfortune to be targeted for assault or robbery, and their ear-splitting howls can help ward off would-be assailants.

4. Medical Identity Cards

Medical Identity Card

To be carried on you at all times, these cards store all your vital medical data, such as blood type, allergies, medications used or heart conditions. They can literally be a lifesaver if you need emergency medical attention, saving paramedics and doctors time to give you specialised treatment quickly.

5. Portable Video Cameras

Portable video camera

These are a real godsend, especially for drivers and cyclists. They can be mounted to a person or vehicle wherever they go, and record data, which comes in especially useful for a crash or accident when establishing which party is at fault.

6. GPS


GPS devices eliminate the need for maps, helping you reach any destination on earth, stop you from getting lost, and help loved ones keep an eye on you. Peace of mind and security at the touch of a button.

7. Pedometer


These devices measure how many steps the user takes in a given day. They’re great for finding out how active you are in a day and how many calories you burn moving around, which lets you know if you need to increase your exercise intake.

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