Father's Day Car Accessories

7 Wonderful Car Accessories To Gift Your Dad On Father’s day

Celebrating father’s day is like celebrating the success of the person who brought the family together as a whole. A deep gratitude and salute to the person who sacrifices his choices in order to fulfill his family wishes. Bringing some unique gifts for him is a way to express our love for him. We have listed some car accessories for your car-loving dad to make his rides enjoyable and hassle-free:

1. Car Cushions

A family vacation is so much fun for everyone, but long drives always give a little bit of pain to your back and neck. Having car cushions can help you from this and will give you a comfy ride. Placing cushion at your back can relax your spinal muscle tension and bring a sense of comfort while driving for extended hours. The U-shaped neck rest can adapt to neck’s shape and can support cervical muscles too. Buying out lightweight, portable and skin friendly cushions can be a great gift for your dad on the father’s day.

2. Neck Massager

Father’s usually won’t walk up to salon for a massage. What if, you have a neck massager kit installed in his car driver seat? Everyday neck massage, while commuting to or coming back from office, will him make relaxed and freshen up for the coming hours. Neck massager kit is a full package of relaxation bind up in a bundle. It includes a neck massager, an operational manual, cable, and adapter. Equipped with four counter-rotating heads for massage can leave you relaxed after an uncomfortable day.

3.  Heads Up Display

The Heads Up Display will help your dad in finding vital details like driving speed, voltage, battery, etc on his windshield rather than looking every time on the dashboard. This helps your loved ones to concentrate on the road always at busy hours. The device is equipped with LED light and can adjust automatically according to the time of night and day you are driving. It is a must car accessory to have today to pave routes to your destinations

4. Car Body Cover

Like safety of various elements father’s are always worried about the safety of his car. They try buying out different car covers to protect the car from dust, rain, and sunlight just like we protect our laptop with laptop sleeves. Car body cover acts like ozone layer to your vehicle and does not allow any unwanted agent to harm your car. For example, frequent rain and sun can fade up your car’s paint. Gifting a quality car cover to your dad can bring a smile to his face.

5. USB Charger

While traveling we always want to keep in touch with our family, but mobiles battery have their own life cycle and they ought to die with time. Gifting your father a travel USB charger will help mark his availability for his family around the clock. USB Travel Charger is an innovative car mobile accessory that allows him to charge more than one gadget at a time. Your father will be amazed to see that the USB charger he has received can charge up to 4 devices at a time.

6. Air Purifier

An air purifier is one of the best car accessories to have as it can help you with the removal of all the toxins that are found to be trapped in the car while standing or driving around. The toxin trapped inside the car can bring critical issues in action like fatigue, lack of concentration while driving etc. By installing an air purifier in your father’s car can help him out in getting infected with many breathing related diseases in long-term. This father’s day gift him something that can help him in remaining healthy for coming years.

7. Emergency Tyre Inflator

Traveling to an unknown destination is one of the best things everyone would love to do. What if your tyres run out of the air in mid of the family holiday?. Gift your father a portable tyre inflator which can keep in inside the car all the time and can pump up air wherever and whenever it needed. The emergency tyre inflator comes with a bike adapter and sports nozzle and can be used through attaching with a cigarette lighter socket. Equipped with 3-meter power cord and the 12V plug is a luxury to have while moving around in your car.

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