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8 (and a half) tips to Prep your Car before a Weekend Getaway!

With the festive season starting soon, there will be LOTS of holidays. And what’s better than having a holiday just near the weekend, when you can go on a much-deserved Road Trip? You will make all the adjustments, like use your unused paid leaves, get your buddies to do the same, and get your car ready to hit the road for a super-chill weekend!

But, before you hit the road, have you considered what you can do to make your long weekend trip more memorable? There are a few handy tricks that will take your vacay from boring to awesome! Here are a few tips that will help you get your car let’s-go-out-and-have-the-best-weekend ready!

1. Get your Entertainment Fix:

Sure, you will stare out the window and maybe post some snaps of the mesmerizing roads. But after a while, you will want to watch that last episode of the TV show you are binge-watching. Having a Headrest-Mounted DVD Set will make sure you and your co-passengers will be thoroughly entertained. It has all the features that you expect from an entertainment unit. You can play your favorite songs, watch your TV shows and movies, and you can even connect it to a wireless game console and play games with your gaming buddy on-the-go. As an added bonus, this car accessory makes your car look quite premium.

2. Have a look at your brakes:

Car Brakes- M2ALL

You are driving at a speed of 100 km/hr and you suddenly have to stop because the road ahead is bad. You slam hard on the brakes so that no damage happen to you and your car. For the brakes to work smoothly, get your car brakes checked beforehand so that you don’t get in any danger. Getting them polished and cleaned before your weekend trip helps a lot. Sometimes, going the extra mile and being extra careful is good, for you and your loved ones.

3. Check your Car Fluids:

Check Car Fluids - M2ALL

Check for Transmission Fluid, Engine Oil and Differential Oil levels in your car. These car fluids help to lubricate your car and helps in the smooth running of the engine. The levels should be optimum so that there are no hiccups during your road trip. To check their levels, insert a dipstick and check the levels. It is a simple process and anyone can do it. If the levels are low, consider adding more. If the oil’s color is dark and it has a bad smell to it, consider changing it as that is basically all the dirt and sludge trapped. A good quality engine oil does not cost much either. So, change your car fluids every 4-6 months and have a super-smooth road trip!

4. Change your Air Filters:

Air Filters - M2ALL

A clogged and dirty Air Filter will slow down your car engine and decrease the mileage you get from your car. Think of air filter as a sieve that you use to remove the husk from the good parts. And you know how having husk is annoying. A dirty air filter hampers the performance of your car dearly. It puts extra unwanted load on your engine to work harder, making your car warmer. So, if you haven’t changed your air filter in a while, use the road trip as a reason to change it and get the most out of your car.

5. Make your Car Mobile-Friendly:

Mobile Chargers - M2ALL

Wherever you go, you will have your phone. Especially when you are out on a road trip. Have these important mobile car accessories in your car before you go out – a mobile holder, a mobile charger and a good-quality charger cable so that your phone never runs out of juice. You will not have to rely on your buddy sitting next to you when you are driving when you have the phone right in front of you! And, you know how important having a phone is, especially when you are exploring new terrains!

6. Install a Roof Carrier:

Roof Carrier - M2ALL

When you are going out, you would want all the leg room to be super comfortable. Instead of stuffing all your bags in the bottom or at the backseat, where there is a high chance of the bags getting dirty, get your luggage on the top of your car with a Roof Carrier. There are many types of Roof Carriers made with different types of materials. Using a premium quality roof carrier will make sure your luggage is secure and you just relax and enjoy the beauty that lies ahead!

7. Wash and Vacuum before leaving:

Wash your Car before a Road Trip - M2ALL

Why clean before when it will come back even dirtier than now? You don’t want any loose wrappers, dust and any other waste items with your luggage. Your car will look messy after you come, you don’t want any more mess in your car. It is recommended that you get a wash before you leave so that your car looks awesome! Also, have a portable Vacuum Cleaner in your car, because you never know when your friend MIGHT just drop his coffee!

8. Invest in comfortable cushions:

Any long trip which exceeds over 3 hours is sure to give you a terrible backache. You surely don’t want back pain ruining your trip. Any sort of stress while sitting in the car, especially while driving is borderline dangerous. So, you should buy (or invest, in our opinion) some comfortable cushions, backrests, neck supports, plushy seat covers and whatever gives you immense comfort while sitting. This helps in having a stress-free back. After all, any road trip is all about being comfortable and stress-free!

And, here’s the half (bonus) tip:

Make sure you plan your trip beforehand – right from hotels to routes to rest stops to anything that will make your weekend getaway bang-on!

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