9 Car Accessories [Curated List] to Help You Enjoy Monsoons

Monsoons! Certainly, the most romantic season of them all. The long drives in the rain, the sound of raindrops splattering on the windshield and the beautiful patterns that they create when the light hits them, all of which are breathtakingly beautiful. But, it is also a season which drives motorists crazy with the potholes filling up, flooded roads, traffic jams, fogged windshields and what not.

Monsoons are tough on your car and that is exactly why you need to be prepared. Give your sweet ride a little treat before the season hits in full force. Accessorizing your car strategically will not only save you discomfort and unwanted expenses but also ensure that your car enjoys the season as much as you do.

Here are some of the most essential accessories that you need for a happy car!

1. Car Covers

Investing in a good car body cover is a smart move especially when the monsoon is around the corner. A good car cover will not only keep the water and grime out but will also prevent the paint from going dull or fading. However, there are a few things you must take care of when buying a car cover.

Ensure that they do not stick to the metal as that can leave stain marks which are hard to get rid of. Make sure the cover is not only waterproof but also porous so that they let the humidity out preventing any rust build up. A good quality car cover will also not pose the threat of color bleeding.

2. Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are an essential accessory during the monsoons. Especially so if you want to avoid collection of mud underneath the car leading to damages. During the rains, road sprays are a natural phenomenon. Mud flaps will keep the sides of your car free from decorative trails of mud and keep it from splattering the vehicles behind you.

3. Headlights And Tail Lights

It is not like you don’t need headlights and tail lights during the other seasons. But make sure you check them and install fresh ones if needed before the monsoons. During heavy downpours, visibility will be very limited not just for you but also the driver behind you. Hence it is very important to ensure that your headlights and tail lights are shining brightly. Headlight restorers and sealants available in the market will help restore cloudy, dull, yellowed headlights to their original appearance and adds a protective sealant.

4. Air Freshener

If your car ever needed an air freshener, it is now! During the monsoons, all the rain and moisture can cause mold to grow. With the increase in humidity to top it off, your car will smell in no time. A good smelling car air freshener is always an automobile lovers best friend during the monsoons. Of course, that and good ventilation!

5. Wipers

It goes without saying that wipers are “the” key accessory during monsoons. Since you depend on the wipers for visibility during heavy downpours, it is supremely important that you make sure that they are functioning perfectly. Check for cracks or other damages to the blades caused by the heat during the preceding summer. Also clean your wipers periodically for best results. A damaged wiper blade may not only end up leaving expensive scratches or streaks on the windshield but also compromise on your safety.

6. Anti-rust Coating

With heavy rains, comes the threat of rust to the metal parts of the car, especially under the body. It is very important to get an anti-rust underbody coating or spray done. They will it save your car from severe rust damage that may occur during monsoons.

7. Window Visors

Door visors or “monsoon shields” as they are rightfully called, ensures that no water enters the cabin even when the windows are slightly open. This may come in very handy when you want to leave the windows open a crack to adjust the temperature in the car or to defog the glasses.

8. Wax Coating

The constant wet and dry spells during monsoons can have adverse effects on the car paint. It might lead to peeling and fading of the paint causing irreversible damage that you don’t want to deal with. Giving your car a wax coating before monsoon will make sure that the paint is not coming in direct contact with the acidic rainwater.

9. Water Absorbent Floor Mats

During monsoons, the car interiors withstand a lot of abuse from wet clothes to muddy shoes. All this water and moisture cannot be absorbed by the regular rubber floor mats. It is wise to have water absorbent floor mats for the monsoons so that there is no dripping and accumulation in the car.

Accessorizing the car is one of the favorite pass-time for motor lovers. But making some smart choices while you are at it will help you in the long run. With these accessories, you and your car are all set for this monsoon. So, head on out for that romantic long monsoon drive in your happy car!

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