9 Car Accessories to give a Brand-new Feel to your Second-Hand Mahindra SUV

Over the past few years, the used cars market has seen a steady upward boom due to the rising prices of owning a brand-new car, ever-increasing prices of fuel, rapidly decreasing depreciation value of the assets, slashing GST rates of used cars from 28% to 12%-18% and the availability of these used cars in a considerably neat condition. In 2018-2019 alone, a whopping 4 million second-hand cars were sold, opening new doors for the auto industry.

In the recent years, the auto industry has seen a major transformation in terms of technology. This has made cars smarter and existing models getting ‘outdated’ within 3-5 years. And we Indians don’t want to stick with the ‘obsolete’ model. So, a new car is sold within the first 3-5 years of its purchase as some prefer to go for an upgrade.

Here is a curated list of car accessories for second-hand car that you should have to give you the feeling that you will get in a brand-new Mahindra SUV!

1. Car Seat Covers

Premium Car seat covers - M2ALL

There is no denying the fact that the most important component to a comfortable ride is the seating. The conditions of the seats of a car are an important factor to whether purchase it or not. At times, the seats have small, minor spill marks, which can be easily covered with the help of seat covers. These car seat covers are made with premium-grade materials like Art leather, Vinyl and PU, which elevates the looks of your car interiors. These also come with a thick yet comfortable foam padding, which helps in a relatively stress-free driving. Add these to your used Mahindra SUV and see the magic!

2. Car Floor Mats

Car Floor Mats - M2ALL

Whenever you are buying a pre-owned car, there are good chances that the floor mats are not replaced. They are worn-out, maybe even shredded, exposing the car floor. So, it is always recommended to buy car floor mats. Genuine Floor mats are made with a variety of materials like carpet, rubber, vinyl and in colours and patterns to suit your taste. These mats are easy to install, keep your car floor food crumb-free (if you love snacking on-the-go). They fit your car perfectly, regardless of the model variant you have. If you want to spruce up your interiors, we recommend that you go for the ones which are either patterned or of a single colour.

3. Chrome Accessories

Car Chrome Accessories - M2ALL

When it comes to giving a new feel to something used, nothing can be better than a Sparkly-Bright look. And what’s better than adorning your used car with something that radiates a glowing, vibrant look? For this, adding a handful of chrome accessories is the best option. Chrome accessories can be added to the car exteriors like the door handles, front grille, headlights and taillights and many other places. These accentuate the cuts and curves of the car and turn it into a fine beast. Chrome accessories can even help you cover the odd bump and scratch that usually comes with a pre-owned car.

4. Body Decals and Roof Wraps

So you have just purchased a pre-owned car and you want to grab eyeballs but you also don’t want to spend a fortune. For this, there is a simple way which can make your used car look snazzy – Car Body Decals. Commonly known as car stickers, these are usually applied to your car’s doors, roof and the bonnet space. These bring out the curves and the cuts of an enthralling SUV like Mahindra XUV500, with magnificent design and cuts, making it a sight to behold! These body decals add your personal flair to your SUV, giving it a more emotional connect. These are one of those must-have car accessories that will make your SUV look tougher than ever!

5. Car Perfume

Car Perfume - M2ALL

We are sure you will agree with this fat that no one likes a smelly car, be it a new one or a used one. With the new car, you get this ‘New-Car Smell’, but how can you get the feeling in you’re a new second-hand car? The answer is simple – car air fresheners. Having an air freshener in your car creates a happy, ambient vibe in your car, setting the mood from gloomy to chirpy in no time! You can choose from among different types of car air fresheners which come in a variety of smells like lemon, orange, lime, and even some unique smells like Ocean and ‘New Car’ (yep, that’s a thing). So if you want an elevated driving experience in your pre-owned car and feel good about it, then add these little bundles of joy. As an added bonus, these will definitely not pinch your pockets!

6. Dash-mat Set

Car Dashmat Set - M2ALL

It is said that true beauty comes from within, not from how you look on the outside. It is also the small details that make you look graceful. The same goes for your car too. To make your car a real beauty from the inside as well, try adding dash mat set on your car. It’s not something huge like seat covers, but this small addition can make your SUV look fabulous from the word go! These dash mats cover the door and console pockets and covers the dashboard pockets, keeping the place clean and presentable.

7. Car Lights

Car Lights - m2ALL

Anyone who has ever used a hand-me down item knows that there is a minor defect, which can be easily repaired. In the case of used cars, the car lights are generally not in the best condition. The glass might be a little broken, the fuse might not flicker bright or the light might not be as strong as you would expect. Poor car lights can cause accidents. Studies show that just by turning on headlights can reduce the chances of a fatal accident. So, it is always advised to change the headlights for your safety. Change the headlights, fog lamps and tail lamps for a better drive.

8. Car Backseat Organizer

Car Backseat Organiser - M2ALL

A car organiser is something that would never come on your mind because it sees like such a small thing to an ordinary person. But a car lover will be appreciating this more than anything!

9. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner - M2ALL

Let’s face it, no one likes to see mess in their beloved possession. A true auto-junkie will want his (or her) beast to be spotlessly clean at all times. When purchasing a second-hand car, it becomes all the more essential to keep it in top-notch condition. A handy car accessory that you must have for a peaceful, mess-free experience is a car vacuum cleaner. This small yet powerful car gadget traps the dry and the wet mess, which can hamper with your car’s proper maintenance. Also, it is quite small, unlike other car vacuum cleaners, so this means you can carry it with you wherever you go!

In today’s time, when owning a car has become so easy, it is a must to stand out from the sea full of cars. Adding Genuine Accessories to your pre-owned Mahindra SUV will make it look just like a brand-new, if not better. You can buy these accessories and more on www.m2all.com, the Official Mahindra Group eStore.

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