All you need to know about Tyre Inflator

For a roadside emergency, a tyre inflator is the real hero! Tyre Inflator comes to rescue when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere with no mechanic shop in sight. This superhero car accessory ensures that the tyre of your car stays inflated and in shape.

How does the Tyre Inflator Work?

Being, a simple mechanic tool, tyre inflator is easy to use. The tool features a hose through which air reaches the tyres making them intact. However, there are two kinds of tyre inflators available in the market:

  • Electric Tyre Inflators: These kind of electric tyre inflators are electric operated and are easy to use. The electric tyre inflator features a 12V electric compressor which efficiently inflates air into the tyre through a knob. The inflator is also provided with an easy to read digital or analog screen which displays the pressure reading.
  • Foot Air Pump: Manually operated, these kind of inflators are widely used to inflate two wheeler tyres. This kind of inflator features an air pressure gauge and a hose through which air can be passed into the tyre. They can also be used for cars but they ask for extra effort and time.

You must make it a point to always have a tyre inflator in your car. It not only saves you from breakdown situations but also comes with a lot of benefits such as:

  1. They are portable: Tyre inflators are definitely the perfect example of “Good things come in small packages”! This car accessory is small and portable and can be carried around easily.
  2. They take care of your car and save money: Low tyre pressure can be the cause of reduced mileage and increased fuel consumption. Tyre inflators keep a check on the tyres and increase tyre life.
  3. They save time: Imagine being stranded for hours in the middle of nowhere! It is then the tyre inflator comes to use and saves a lot of your time.
  4. They ensure safety: Tyre inflators ensures safety in unforeseen circumstances. In case of a breakdown, you do not have to wait in the middle of a deserted road looking for a mechanic.
  5. They are user-friendly: You cannot deny the fact that tyre inflators are easy to use.

There are endless reasons to purchase this extraordinary car accessory but before you adopt it, there are few tips that you must keep in mind. You must always opt for compact sized tyre inflator, the one that will perfectly fit in your car occupying only a tad-bit space. You must also prefer buying a digital tyre inflator because they are comparatively very user friendly. Also look for the one with 100% duty cycle before making the purchase.

Tyre Inflators are truly a blessing in disguise!

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