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Alloy Wheels 101 – Everything you need to know

For those who love to flaunt their magnificent beast, what speaks better than alloy wheels? Alloy wheels are among the most-purchased car accessories, and why not? They might be considered as cosmetic changes, but they are much more than that. Let’s say, you have purchased a Mahindra SUV, a fine-looking yet a powerhouse of a vehicle. You have spent lakhs to buy a car that is going to be your companion on your long drives, your daily commutes and whatnot. And when it comes to cars, there are 2 types of people – the ones who like their car and the ones who love their car. Didn’t get the difference? Well, if you belong in the first category, you might not pay much attention to your car’s beauty as it is mainly meant for your daily commutes. As for those who care a lot about their car, right from the looks to the feel and its performance, they fall in the latter.

1. Are alloy wheels worth the upgrade?

Mahindra SUV Alloy Wheels - M2ALL

If you are reading this, you must be having second thoughts to go for the big step. You must be having a basic idea about alloy wheels like its pros and cons. But for the uninformed, here are the basics of alloy wheels – they look STUNNING on any car. They can take any car’s looks to the next level. Apart from their eye-grabbing shine, they are also quite helpful in improving the tyre life (we’ll speak about that later), an enhanced braking performance and an overall better driving experience. In our opinion, alloy wheels are totally worth the upgrade over their steel counterparts. If you’re among those who love to flaunt their car, then alloy wheels are the perfect option.

2. How are they made and how do they fit?

Alloy Wheels Making - M2ALL

Alloy wheels or ‘mag wheels’ as they are known, are made from a blend of various metals like aluminium, magnesium, nickel, etc. Steel is a heavy metal and tends to give a slightly sluggish performance when compared to alloy wheels. If you are looking to change the steel wheels, then there are a few things to keep in mind when going for the change. Try to keep the same size, and if you want to go for the kill (bigger size), then you will have to change the tyres as well.

3. Size matters

Alloy Wheel size - M2ALL

Now that we have cleared whether alloy wheels are worth all the hard-earned money, the next big question is this: which size wheel should you go for? The size of a wheel can range from 14” to 22” and even 24” (if you are into customization, then you would love this). In case of a Mahindra SUV, the car comes fitted with wheels ranging from 14” to 17”. It is advised to stick with the size the manufacturer has provided as this is done keeping in mind the car, the level of comfort and ease of driving. To check the size, check your tyre’s sidewall where you will find the number (size) for the wheel. If you change the size and go or a bigger size, it has its own set of pros and cons. Bigger wheel size means more comfort while on the road, but a deeper hole is burnt in your pockets.

4. Maintenance is key

Cleaning of Wheel - M2ALL

Alloy wheels are among the most luxurious car accessories a proud owner has in his/her car. With it being premium in nature, it demands that extra maintenance as well. It is a must that you maintain these beauts as it gives another reason to drive with pride. The wheels need to be washed regularly to maintain its lustrous shine. Before you start driving, make sure that the wheels are fitted properly. For this, it is always advised to go to trained professionals (preferably authorised centres) so that you face no issue later.

5. Not just ‘Aesthetically Beautiful’

Alloy Wheels Benefits - M2ALL

Alloy wheels have been known as Showstoppers as they have the power to grab attention with the utmost ease. They are available in a plethora of options, designs and colours, which suits your unique taste. But these are not only beautiful – they are useful in a lot of ways. As they are lighter when compared to steel wheels, they put less pressure on your car’s tyres, leading to a better tyre life. What sets alloy wheels apart from steel wheels are the spokes. These spokes make for an easier air passage, resulting in a better heat dissipation, which, in turns, leads to improved braking systems. They also help in a slightly better fuel economy, saving you some bucks on the way.

6. Which one should you go for?

The market is flooded with choices. In fact, in the recent years, the customers have been spoiled for choices, with many, many options available online and offline as well. You can choose from a variety of designs, finishes, colours and sizes. But the after-market ones are not usually considered to be the best choice. If you choose to go ahead with these, it may nullify your car’s warranty. So, if you care about your warranty, it is a must that you chose alloy wheels made by the car manufacturer directly.

After reading this, we hope a few doubts must have been cleared and this might encourage you to go for alloy wheels. If you are looking for some great set of genuine alloy wheels for your Mahindra SUV, then you can buy it from Mahindra Group’s Official e-Store,

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