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Car Accessories for the Working Moms

In the days of yore, be it for shopping or long drives, it was the fathers who used to drive us all the way. But, just like times changed, the mind-sets changed as well. Now, no longer the drives are father-dependent, even the mothers have excelled in this task as well.

Mothers are said to be the most cautious and proficient beings on the planet, be it from working or cooking to even driving. They are extremely caring and meticulous about everyone’s need in the family, and rarely have the time for their needs. When it comes Indian mothers and their laadla beta, the level of care multiplies in a jiffy!

Just like how Robert Browing said “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”  We know how much love and comfort you want for your child, therefore here we are listing down the accessories that’ll add so much, to make your ride comfy and memorable. So, keep reading and noting down!

1. Portable Fridge and Warmer

Car Portable Fridge - M2ALL

The first thing whenever your mother will ask you, be it on phone or in person is, “Beta, Khaana Khaya?” This one sentence has the power to melt even the most stone-cold hearts. So, seeing the love behind this line, we’d suggest every mother to have a Portable Fridge and Warmer in their cars, as this highly-compact and convenient accessory will vanish all your worries.

This is a Thermo-Electric Cooler and Warmer isn’t just an investment for your vehicle but can be taken to offices, trips, hotels, home, etc. It generally come with 15-18 litres of storage capacity. For all the Indian mothers searching for a multiple beneficial product this is your best investment!

Be it a toddler or an adult, your baby will always be your beta for you and feeding them with their favourite food is a joy every mom cherishes. Therefore be it your dining table or a long drive, don’t hesitate to carry it.

Key Features:           

  • Capacity: 18 litres
  • Digital display indicating temperature inside fridge.
  • Store fruits, drinks, medicines, chilled beverages & ice cubes.
  • Portable and convenient. Designed like an armrest
  • No compressor, Environment Friendly, low power consumption.

2. Car Bins

Ccar Dustbin - M2ALL

Mothers are strangely obsessed with cleanliness of their surroundings, and that’s a known fact. When it comes to house, but now there is an addition to that, i.e. their vehicles, they don’t want it to be messy or untidy, but when you’ve got tiny passengers or others seated at whom you can’t yell, all you got to do is get yourself a CAR BIN, This tiny and compact accessory will give your clean-freak soul, high amount of relief!

It’s a quality product made of reusable plastic, and with unique spring-loaded lid seals wells & avoids trash spillage. This accessory is value for money and helps keep your vehicle as well as your surroundings clean. Therefore, your duty as a mother and a citizen both done right.

Key features

  • Compact in Size, therefore consumes less space.
  • Unique spring-loaded lid seals wells & avoids trash spillage.
  • Quality Product Material
  • Can be mounted across any console pockets, door trim pockets.

3. Car Snack-Work Tray

Car Snack Tray - M2ALL

Has it ever happened to you, that due to a speedbump or sudden break, all the food gets spilled on your seat and mats? We guess that’s the case with everyone! So Mummies, you’ve already got a toddler passenger (or an adult-baby passenger) and you need to keep in mind their comfort. But, you also don’t want a super-messy car, right? So, a classy and a safe way is to get a Snack tray for the car.

Just like you can, this accessory can do wonders! This isn’t just a snack tray but can be used for work as well, just like the multi-tasker in you. This tray is designed with super-strong materials (just like you) to manage your laptop’s weight, along with a bottle holder. It’s a perfect combination of compact yet spacious. This accessory is a perfect match for all the multifunctional and wonderful mothers out there.

Key Functions:

  • High-strength laptop-cum-snack tray
  • Made from robust material to last for years to come
  • Your traffic/travel partner

4. Tablet/iPad Holder

Car Tablet Holder - M2ALL

In today’s High-Tech world, everyone from children to adults are tech-savvy. We have our phones handy with us almost constantly, surfing online or playing an occasional game. We wouldn’t be wrong to say that now even toddlers seem to be tech-dependent and tech-efficient. Just like us adults, these tiny babies have got their games, videos, songs, movies and cartoons on their iPad or tablets running at any given time. Mummas can’t have everything installed on their phones, therefore these huge screen tablets come to their rescue.

These gadgets have become like the best friends, and they are highly convenient for watching, surfing, working, etc. So, investing in a Tablet/iPad holder will make your journey much more comfortable, be it for your little one or yourself, this helps in making the ride hassle free with the sturdy and vibration resistant holder for rear seat.

Key Features:

  • Highly Convenient and Stable
  • Perfect Fitting and Hold for the tablet
  • Helps in making ride more comfortable
  • Less stress on eyes and hands.

These accessories make sure that mothers have their perfection maintained not just in the house or work but even during the drives, making it highly comfortable and convenient for their little one or any other passengers on-board. So, mommies, get ready to acclaim your title for the “Best All-rounder in town!”

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