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Car Accessories to keep your worries at Bay!

Did you know that an average Indian spends more time stuck in daily office commute than people in most countries in the world, with more than 2 hours on the road every single day? That is a scary thought, thus proving that after their home/office, their car is the second place where they spend their maximum time. And any person wouldn’t want to be in their car which reeks of foul smells, uncomfortable seats and an atrocious feel of being inside the car. Clutter not only diminishes the appeal of a car, but according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the estimate that for each additional 100 pounds in a vehicle, miles per gallon are reduced by as much as 2%, and you don’t want that at any cost.

As every car owner knows that it’s quite a task to keep your car tidy, especially in a country like India, where keeping anything clean is a ginormous task. It’s like a minefield here, with muddy roads to bird dropping posing a challenge every now and then!

Facts and truth bombs aside, a clean and organized car will not only make your car look attractive, but will also make sure that people sing praises about your car!

There are a lot of accessories that will make sure that your car stands out when on road, so hold on tight as we take you towards your clean dream ride accessories.

1. Universal Back Seat Organizer:

When you talk about organizing things, the first and the foremost thing to make your car and ride super comfy is a Back Seat Organizer. From having kids in the back to messy passengers, dropped and abandoned item can surely turn your pleasant journey into a night terror. So a backseat organizer come as a blessing to handle such terrors!

It helps in organizing stuff, right from Bottles to snacks & from gadgets to newspapers. Thus somehow sums all of our daily needs! Along with making it super easy for the rider to reach out for their materials this organizer is made up of premium leather material that gives a rich and luxurious look to your car. It’s constructed with a quality fabric that’s easy to wipe and clean. Its features various pockets in different sizes to accommodate beverages to mobile phones and documents.

Key Features:

  • One Size Fits All – Fits all the cars perfectly
  • Premium quality material, Wiped-down Fabric
  • Includes Bottle holder, mobile holder
  • Comes with a Velcro Pocket
  • 12 months warranty

2. Premium Tissue Box Sun-Visor Mounted:

Tissue Box Sun Visor Mounted - M2ALL

The must accessory in a car lovers list will be a tissue box as they can’t even dream of their car being stained or smudged by anyone passenger on-board. Therefore having a tissue box can be a big time blessing in situation of food or beverage spill, staining of car cover by items, etc.

A premium quality tissue box will help you keep your car organized no doubt, but what if it add a lavish look to your car interiors? This Premium Tissue Box is made of high quality PU and leather material, which upgrades your car’s swagger & convenience to the next level. The USP of this box is that it can be mounted to the sun visor as it has two elastic straps attached at the box back.

Key Features:

·       Premium quality PU and leather material

·       Styled uniquely to rise up your car’s beauty

·       Designed to fit vast number of vehicles

·       Sun visor mounted

3. Rear Armrest with Storage and Cup Holder:

Rushing to work early morning?  Hectic schedule throughout the day? No time for your morning coffee/tea? And can’t carry it in your vehicle because you fear that one sudden jerk and you will stain the beautiful interiors? Here’s a full stop to that worry of yours with this amazingly designed car accessory that gives you the joys of having your tea/coffee on your way work.

A Rear armrest with cup holder is the best thing to keep your worries at bay, not just by providing you two cup holders for bottles, cans, etc. but also two sections to that gives you ample of space to store your magazines, documents, reading glasses, files, etc. This helps in keeping your dear vehicle organized and tidy, and also adds a lot of style and comfort for your ride throughout.

Key features:

·       Designed uniquely with high quality material

·       Designed to fit vast number of vehicles

·       Soft foam acts like a comfortable armrest

·       Designed with 2 cup holders and 2 storage section with ample space

·       Perfect companion for your long rides.

4. Dr. Marcus Gel Air Freshener:

Dr. Marcus Gel Air Freshener - M2ALL

No matter how luxurious your car is and no matter if it’s your family, spouse, friends or passengers or you yourself, no one would enjoy your ride if there is a pungent smell. This unpleasant smell is an enemy standing mid-way of your long and enjoyable ride. To prevent this, an air freshener is the weapon at your service, to use in your car. Dr. Marcus Gel Air Freshener, in particular, keeps the pungent smell away, but even helps to keep you and your co-passengers in a happy mood!

It is a proven psychological fact that good fragrance helps in enhancing concentration, boosting confidence, relieving headaches and a lot more! With so many benefits, another added benefit is that this Air freshener come in gel form, thus preventing spilling.

Key Features:

  • Formulated and manufactured from French essences in Europe
  • Long lasting fragrance for up to 70 days
  • Evaporating gel is not harmful to vehicle interiors or occupants
  • Available in different fragrance
  • Compact in size

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