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Car Accessories That Will Change the Way You Drive

Long drives over the weekends, or short drives up to the street or a daily commute to work, driving needs to be fun and not stressful. To make your drive fun, there are multiple add-ons available in the market, aka car accessories. These items make drive a bit easier and a bit more enjoyable.

Whether you own a XUV500, KUV100, NuvoSport, TUV300, Bolero, or any Mahindra car, there are a range of accessories available for you to choose from. You can visit and purchase the car accessory that you need to make your ride extra smooth and comfortable. Listed below are some of the popular car accessories that can change the way you drive your Mahindra car:

1. Key Pro Cases:

These high-quality Silicon cases are one of the most popular and Paisa Vasool accessories that you can own. These key pro cases help protect a car key from any physical damage and also adds on to a new look. Available for XUV500 Smart Key, NuvoSport Car Flip-Key, KUV100 Car Remote, XUV500 Flip Key, Xylo Car Flip-Key, XUV500 Smart Key 2018, TUV300 Car Remote and many more cars, is a must have

2. Thar Expedition Kit:

If you are an off-road enthusiast, leave no chance to take your Thar out on rocky terrains, hilly areas or jungle safaris! The Thar expedition kit is what you need to have an adventurous trip. The kit contains 13 items which are essential to protect your car from dirt and muck, obstacles in rocky areas and many tricky situations. The kit consists of a head lamp grill, front insect mesh, front bumper with bull bar and winch plate, side foot step, roll over bar, roll cage, half canopy, tail lamp grill, rear bumper with spare wheel holder, wheel arches set, Thar limb risers and Thar tow hook

3. Roof Carriers:

The roof carrier is an important accessory for frequent travellers and tourist vehicles. The Eco and Aluminium Roof Carriers offered by Mahindra are known for their sturdy and durable fitment, and can take up to 80 kgs and 70 kgs of load, respectively. The carriers are available for Bolero XL, DI SLE, SLX and Bolero Power Plus, and Scorpio – S2, S3, S4, S5 variants

4. LED Fog Lamps Kit:

Give your car a sporty look with LED fog lamp lights. The 117 mm LED Fog lamps come with a kit comprising of a mounting bracket, allen key, mounting nuts & screws sets, wire harness, scotch lock & terminal kit and an instruction manual. The lamps do not only give a different look to the car but make driving easier during winter foggy nights

5. GPS Heads Up Display:

This is an interesting addition to your car. The Heads Up Display syncs with the GPS and digitally projects the driving speed, battery voltage, etc. on the windshield. The LEDs auto-adjust the display brightness according to the time of the day. Now, you can drive safe, without taking your eyes off the road

Head to and get yourself the accessory of your choice. This will not only give your car a different look, but will also make driving an exciting experience for you.

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