Car Aux Cables: A Must Have for Music Aficionados

Music is something which cannot be expressed but heard and felt. It brings peace to the mind. In days gone by, people used to listen to music in cars with the help of CDs or USB drives. Nowadays, technology has gone one step forward towards evolution and we have aux cables, short for auxiliary cables to meet your needs.

Car Aux Cables: What are they?

Aux cables are manufactured to make your life easy. You can use these aux cables to connect your audio devices i.e. smartphones, MP3 players, etc. to the car’s audio system. Instead of using headphones while driving, you can go for aux cables as they are an easy way to connect your device and play music on the speakers of your car’s music system, giving you a much better sound quality.

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If we talk in technical language, aux cables help in connecting an ox (phone or MP3 player) to the manager (car audio stereo) or you can say to an analog output. Normally, a cable comes with two sides having a male variety and a female variety. But in aux cable, both the input and output sides are of the male variety.

Kinds of Aux Cables

Although, there are not many varieties of aux cables present in the market, yet you can look up for some options and choose the apt one as per your usage. There are three kinds of car aux cables:

1. Coiled Car Aux Cables

You can listen to your tunes through coiled car aux cables as they remain coiled when not in use. The coiled feature of these cables keeps them safe from unwanted stretchability which may lead to wear and tear from inside. Also, these cables can be organized easily.

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2. Uncoiled Car Aux Cables

Not completely but many features of uncoiled car aux cables are exactly opposite to that of coiled cables. These cables are easy to wrap and can be rolled up manually. The only problem you can face is tangling as they aren’t tangle-proof as coiled cables.

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3. Braided Car Aux Cables

As the name suggests, braided car aux cables are well-known for their durability. These cables add another layer of protection and keep problems like tangling and tight bends away. They are more durable and last longer.

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4. Flat Car Aux Cables

Flat car aux cables are more useful than other aux cables as they offer a flat cross-section which avoids tangling. They are easy to wrap and maintain. Their flat structure helps in avoiding wear and tear and they are easily stored.

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Benefits of Car Aux Cords

In the absence of Bluetooth feature in the car stereo, aux cables are the best resort to listen to your favourite numbers while driving. Some of the benefits of using aux cables are:

  • Provide best connection quality when connected between the speaker and the device. Both the ends of aux cables are made of strong material and finished to provide clear audio quality.
  • Easy to use, aux cables are quite handy and portable. Also, these cables are easy to store.
  • As aux cables are cheap, they do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Are Gold Plated Connectors Better Than Silver Plated Connectors?

For music aficionados, every music related accessory has to be the best. Therefore, for the best results in sound quality, you should have the knowledge about the two types of connectors.

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Let’s talk about the different types of coated connectors I.e. Gold plated connectors and Silver Plated connectors.  As we all know, gold is effectively resistant to oxidation or corrosion, which helps in prevention of poor connections. Silver coating is also effective but it requires constant polishing for the best results. There is one more feature that makes gold coated connectors the best ones. In normal temperatures, gold is not able to interact with any environmental element to form electrically insulating films, thus, ensuring good connectivity all the time.

Useful Tips & Tricks for Buying Apt Car Aux Cable

When you want to buy an apt car aux cable for your personal use, you need to keep these tips and tricks in mind.

  1. Compatibility with the Device: Before buying an aux cable, you should take a moment and make sure that your device is compatible with the cable. Well, that doesn’t count if you are going for a universal aux cable. It fits any device which is carrying a 3.5 mm jack.
  2. Length of the Cable: If you are buying an aux cable, the length of the cord actually matters on your usage. It comes in a variety of lengths. Always keep in mind that the length of the cord of aux cable should be long enough to reach the area where you keep your music device.
  3. Correct Audio Jack: Always look the type of audio jack you are looking for in an aux cable. Suppose your device is equipped with a 5mm jack and you bought an aux cable of the 1.5mm jack; it creates a problem. So, keep a check on the audio jack of aux cable and go for only the right cable.

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