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Car Care & Maintenance Tips, Busted: Myths v/s Reality

A car which is kept in a well-maintained condition goes a long way. And if you own a Mahindra SUV, which is known to be durable and a trustworthy companion for years, it becomes all the more important to keep the best possible care and maintenance so that you no worries about your SUV. One of the biggest concerns for any car owner is to keep the car in the fine condition it was purchased it. And it is a task easier said than done. If you have come here, you definitely know that is one of the hardest tasks to do. A lot of effort goes into keeping your beast in top-notch condition.

With everyone having a different solution to your car problems, it becomes really difficult to decide which one is the correct solution to your problem. It helps to know a few tricks and hacks for an emergency, but it is not in your car’s best interest to rely on what your fellow motorheads might have done as a ‘Trial and Error’ method. Brace yourselves, for some of the most common myths which have been believed true for decades, are about to be busted!

Myth Number 1: Air Conditioning hampers the fuel economy.


Reality: This is somewhat true, but for older cars, which were not very technologically advanced. This is a highly-debated and a controversial topic, and the answer to this lies in the type of SUV you use. With the cars getting more advanced, the Ac has also gotten advanced. Whether you choose to keep the windows open or crank up the AC, it hardly makes any difference. The modern car ACs are also becoming electric, meaning they do not require a lot of fuel to function. And when it comes to convenience, a negligible amount of fuel won’t harm much. What would harm your fuel economy would be the excessive load you put on the roof carrier, making it harder for the car to run.

Myth Number 2: The darker engine oil indicates it is time to change it

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Reality: This is an often misunderstood fact, and is widely considered to be true. It is a common myth that has become obsolete with time. Most motorists believe that the dark colour of the oil when the dipstick is dipped means it is time to change the engine oil. But, the truth is that the engine oil has additives that changes colour, rendering the oil to become blacker even if you have driven it for 1,000 kms only. Instead of going by the time, go by the mileage and the usage. It is always recommended that you go by the manual and change it in regular intervals of 5000 miles or even more.

Myth Number 3: Premium Fuel is better for your Car

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Reality: We hear the word “Premium” and we are wired to think that it is going to be good, no matter what. This is true, depending on the type of car you have. A top-performing beast would require this type of fuel. But, most of the cars are made to run efficiently on the ‘normal’ type of fuel. The modern engines are fine-tuned to give the maximum value for your bucks, without doing any major damage to you or the car. The ‘premium’ fuel might just give you a slightly better performance, but for that, you have to shell out thousands of bucks. This premium fuel is also not a friend of the environment, as it increases your carbon footprint.  It is always advised to go for the fuel recommended by the manufacturer as it only helps your car go for the best performance.

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