Car Chargers: Charge Your Gadgets On-The-Go

Do you frequently face problem of mobile phone discharge while travelling in the car? Quite a difficult situation when one need to revert to an important E-mail or make that urgent phone call? Well, sometime or the other, we all have gone through this situation. Therefore, we need some solution that would keep feeding our mobile batteries while we are on-the-go. Car chargers are the perfect solution to help you out in such situations.

Car chargers have become one of the mostly used gadgets nowadays. They are designed in such a way that they can be plugged into the accessory outlet or cigarette lighter adapter of the car, which allows a mobile phone to charge while travelling. With the car chargers like today, you can even charge up your music devices, laptops and other gadgets inside the car.

How important are they?

If we are talking about the importance of car chargers, we all know that how important they are for our day to day life. Nowadays, our smart phones are loaded with new features everyday but their battery capacities are not increasing at the same rate. Therefore, we need to charge our mobile more often, which makes a car charger an essential accessory in the car.

It does not matter you are a smoker or not, installing a cigarette lighter socket or cigarette lighter receptacle could be useful in various other ways than you can possibly think of. Nowadays, companies are manufacturing number of accessories that are designed to operate by plugging in this socket.

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If you dig a little more deeply, you will be able to realize a fact that car chargers also add to your security and safety. Suppose if you are heading towards a long road trip, then your mobile phone is the only way to keep in touch and reaching out to your close ones in case of any crisis. In case, your phone gets discharged, you will become hapless and helpless. Here come car chargers into the picture! They won’t let your mobile die and thus,ensure assured connectivity.

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Tips to Choose One for Yourself

Buying an apt car charger for you may not seem a difficult task but it’s also not like a walk in the park. You have to analyze and ascertain your requirements and expectations out of a car charger before buying one. There are various factors which you should keep in mind while choosing the perfect car charger as per your usage:


It is an important factor which should be considered while buying your car charger. It is necessary for you to buy a small and tiny charger, as it would not take much space in your car.

A high quality USB cable plays an important role in charging your device effectively. It has its own optimally calibrated speed using which you can charge your tablet, phone or any other device very swiftly. You get a USB cable with the charger but some brands do not provide USB cables and in that case, you have to purchase a separate one from the market.

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  • Number of Ports

Before buying a car charger, you should consider the fact that how many devices you are going to charge simultaneously in your car. You will be able to find car chargers in the market with 1 to 3 ports and also car chargers with 5 to 6 ports.

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  • Charger’s Maximum Output

If you are a person who is seeking for a car charger, then you will have to look for device with maximum output. There are various 2 port chargers that come with maximum output of 2.1A that are best for charging tablets. Now, if you are charging your smart phone and tablet simultaneously, it’s not a good idea. You will have to look for a car charger with optimum and maximum output of each of the ports.

  • Compatible USB Port

There are primarily two kinds of smart-phone users, android freaks and iPhone lovers. Well, you should consider the type of USB port in the car charger while buying one for yourself. Both of the aforementioned types of phones need different chargers; hence, different ports. So, go for the charger that has a compatible port.

  • LED Indicator

LED indicator may not seem as important factor as others when buying a car charger, but it’s quite useful. A car charger should have an LED indicator which would help you confirm that the charger is connected or not.

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Types of Car Chargers

You will find that there are three types of car chargers. If we talk about the difference between them, it would come out to be the speed of charging. Other qualities are also responsible for differentiating them. In case of similarities, all the three kinds of car chargers offer the ability to use the phone while charging. Now let’s see what these three types are.

  • Rapid Car Chargers

Rapid car chargers come with various features like a sensor, a light indicator to let know that your phone’s battery is fully charged. It also lets you use your phone while it is being charged. The main feature is that it lets you charge the battery of your device faster.

  • Trickle Car Chargers

If you are a person who often forgets your device plugged into the charger, then you should buy this type of charger as soon as possible! Trickle car chargers are manufactured to eliminate the problem of overheating of the battery of the device plugged in. Even if your mobile is connected after getting fully charged, no damage will take place. These charge the devices at a slow pace as compared to the rapid car chargers.

  • Fast Car Chargers

As the name speaks, fast car chargers are used by people who wish to charge their device in less time. These chargers are the fastest in charging than others. However, you have to be observant when charging with them, as they tend to overheat the devices’ battery.

Charge your electrical devices like notebooks, tablets, cameras, mobile phones, etc. by using Power Converter Car Chargers. These chargers come with a universal pin socket, which is compatible with all country pins. They feature overheating protection, overload protection and low battery alarm. Plug them into the cigarette lighter socket and charge your devices effectively.

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Effects of Car Chargers on Cars

We should unplug car chargers from the port while the ignition is turned off. When we plug the car charger to the lighter socket, it gets the power from the car.

If your mobile is plugged in and the car is turned off, the charger will draw the energy from the car’s battery, which will slowly drain because of its use. Even if the mobile is not plugged into the charger while the car is turned off, the car’s battery will drain but at a slower rate.

Tips & Tricks for using Car Chargers

To get best results from your car charger, consider the following warnings and tips:

  • Continuously using a car charger to charge your mobile will diminish the battery life. Instead, maintain a balance between the usage of a wall charger and a car charger.
  • Unplug the car charger when not in use. Even if it is not charging any device, it may drain out the car’s battery.
  • Next time you search for a car charger, ensure it do not have any compatibility issues with your mobile.
  • To enhance the speed of charging, switch off your phone as it leads to zero consumption of power while it is plugged in.

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