Car Cleaning Products: Let’s Get your Car Diwali Ready

Diwali is as much about decorating our houses as it is about cleaning our home to welcome Goddess Laxmi! And while it is home where we spend most of our time, urban dwellers spend a significant amount of time in their cars.

So, it becomes important that we spend some time ensuring our favourite vehicle shines as bright as our homes on Diwali. You can take your cars to the service center for cleaning, or do it at home! You can clean you car with the help of some simple cleaning products available online.

From dashboard dusters to vacuum cleaners and car washing kits, a gamut of products is available at Some of the cleaning products that you can use to make your car look as bright as the festival of Diwali are listed below.

High Pressure Portable Car Washing Kit

This portable cleaning kit is a great purchase for people who are always on the move. Consisting of a water bucket with an electric connection, pipe, brooming tool with a water sprayer, a jet spray nozzle and a connector, this kit is easy to carry. You can use the kit to clean your car anywhere and anytime.

Glass Cleaner, Head Light Restorer & Microfiber Cloth

If you are not interested in cleaning your car from the scratch, you can just clean the dashboard, steering wheel and some of the basic interior stuff using a microfibre cloth. The cloth also works well while cleaning the side mirrors, rear view mirror or the front glass of the car. It can be used with the glass cleaner spray to make the glass dust-proof.

Formula 1 Premium Paste Wax

This is another useful product that you must keep in your car at all times! This product is especially useful when you’re cleaning your car for Diwali. It can be used to fix scratches, or give the paint a deep color and shine. Formula 1 Wax is one of the finest in the industry and its coat lasts 2 times longer than other waxes.

Leather Spray Cleaner & Conditioner: This is a one-step leather cleaning and conditioning product for leather seats which prevents them from fading, dulling and cracking. It also helps restore the natural beauty of the leather and keeps it soft for a longer duration. We would say this is a must-have cleaning product for your car.

Carnauba Wash & Wax Shampoo

The Carnauba wash and shampoo  gives your car a completely new look by foaming away tough dirt and grime. This is an easy-to-use shampoo that will save you hundreds of bucks. Instead of getting your car cleaned at a service station, you can clean your car easily!

Now that you have your ammo at your arsenal, it’s time to maker your car look spotless. There are also exciting Diwali offers being run on So, go ahead and make a purchase.

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