Car Comfort Accessories – Buying Guide!

Talk about car interior accessories and our mind starts thinking of COMFORT. Well, it’s not wrong because we need comfort whether we are lying in our bed or driving our car. To experience that level of comfort in your car, accessorize it with a different type of amenities which play an important role in enhancing the look as well as providing immense comfort.

Nowadays, luxurious cars come preloaded with comfort accessories which are crafted with the supreme quality material. If you can’t afford a luxury car, you can still transform yours into a comfortable one. Speaking of comfort, the most important fabric used in manufacturing car comfort accessories is Memory Foam.

Let’s Learn About Memory Foam

Designed for airplane helmets and seats used by NASA, memory foam is made up of an amazing material known as viscoelastic which is also referred to as polyurethane. Due to its softness and high energy absorbent property, it moulds according to the shape of the body as soon as it comes in contact with the body heat. The main advantage of memory foam is the act of immediate recovery when the weight is removed. It returns to its original shape when the pressure is removed.

After establishing its name in every industry, nowadays it is well known for its use in mattresses, pillows, and mattress pads. This new generation memory foam comes with faster recovery property, which makes it one of the finest materials for manufacturing comfort accessories.

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Benefits of Memory Foam

Memory foam is known for its solid reputation in the market for offering customers numerous benefits. It is known for providing even support by assigning weight across the surface. The ability to keep the spine in its natural alignment is the greatest advantage for people suffering from back pain.

People who seek for durability in every product, memory foam is apt for them as it is highly durable. It lasts much longer than other materials. Every product made up of memory foam can last up to 5-10 years depending on the manufacturer. Also, you do not have to worry about the settling of allergy causing dust mites. As discussed above, memory foam is made from polyurethane that comprises of inorganic fibers. These fibers do not attract dust mites and make memory foam great in health too.

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Various Car Comfort Accessories

Are you one of them who spend a large part of their day driving? You need a good quality neck rest and the best one amongst all is memory foam neck rest. Do not compromise on uncomfortable car seats and enhance your seating position with comfortable neck rest. This smart car accessory is ideal for those who often go on long trips or those who suffer from cervical or neck pain.

Due to the heat absorbent property in memory foam, this neck rest takes the shape of your neck as soon as you apply pressure, providing optimum comfort. It helps in eliminating head and neck pain caused due to lack of support or bad posture. Memory foam neck rests can be used by both adults and children as it comes in various shapes and sizes.

Types of Memory Foam Neck Rests

U-Shaped Neck Rest: This type of neck rest surrounds your neck in such a way that it is protected and held gently during the car trip. U-shaped neck rest is apt for providing optimum support and comfort to your neck. The antimicrobial nature of this neck rest makes it dust-mite resistant.

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Collar Travel Neck Rest: Travel enthusiasts should decorate their car seats with collar travel neck rest to provide immense support to their neck. It goes around your neck completely and offers decent comfort to your neck, especially when you are sitting in the middle seat of the car.

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Block Neck Rest: It adapts to the shape of your neck to enable snug fitment. Best for cervical problems, this backrest comes in block shape that helps in aligning your neck and back to reduce muscle tension.

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  • Memory Foam Back Rest

While driving for long hours, people often face lower back problems. To eliminate these long-term problems, you should grab a hand on memory foam backrest. It is designed to offer the right amount of opulent support while providing the perfect amount of comfort in the lower back. Made from premium quality memory foam, this backrest is able to attain the natural curve of your body.

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To talk specifically, a backrest named Lumber Support Back Rest is one of the finest backrests in the market. It offers long lasting support while driving and helps in aligning your spine and lower back. It is also helpful in eliminating stress and pain.

  • Memory Foam Cushion Pillows

Sometimes you feel uncomfortable while sitting in your car and need something to rest your back on! Here comes Memory Foam Cushion Pillows in the picture. You can either lay your back on this cushion pillow or keep it on your lap to rest your hands on as it is quite soft and comfortable. It takes the shape of body part and evenly distributes weight to provide ultimate comfort throughout the ride.

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You won’t notice the in starting but because of continuously sitting for hours in long trips, you may feel pain in thighs and other body parts. In this case, you should go for Memory Foam Seating Cushions that are manufactured for providing endless comfort and relief to physical conditions and pain.

Several benefits of memory foam seating cushion make it one of the most recommended options to get relief from severe pain in lower tail bone. For people suffering from back lumbar area pain, these foam filled cushions are a great help for easing discomfort and pain. It comes in various shapes and sizes like swivel shaped cushion, square shaped cushion and much more. You can choose any shaped seating cushion as per your choice.

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  • Memory Foam Arm Rest

Memory Foam Arm Rest is one of the most efficient solutions for the problem of the uncomfortable situation while driving. It happens very often that while your hands on the steering wheel, arms start paining. For this kind of pain, memory foam armrest comes into picture. The visco elastic material in memory foam contours to your elbows and forearms, providing support and comfort while driving for long distances.

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Are These Accessories Really Helpful?

Car comfort accessories are not a must-have for every person whether he drives for long distances or not. You need to keep this thing in mind that it all depends on how comfortable you want your ride to be while travelling from Delhi to Mumbai in your car. Comfort accessories are meant to either upgrade your car’s look or enhance the driving experience and make it immensely comfortable.

For people who go through back pain, cervical pain or lumbar area pain, car comfort accessories like back rest, arm rest, seating cushion, etc. are most important. They will help those people in eliminating pains and will provide support at respective body areas.

Points to Remember While Purchasing Car Comfort Accessories

  • Always look for the most important factor, Comfort in every car accessory.
  • Comfort products should be easy to clean and maintain hygiene.
  • Size does matter while purchasing car comfort accessories for your beloved ride. Keep a check on the size of your car seat so that the accessory you buy, fits perfectly.
  • Look for car accessories which are durable.

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