Car Fridge: Cool Your Drinks On-The-Go

Do you often crave for chilled drinks while driving in this scorching summer? Those days are gone when people used to stop their cars just to buy a bottle of chilled water or beverage. Different types of car accessories have made people’s life much easier and comfortable than ever. Car Fridge is very quickly becoming a must have product that should be in your vehicle to fulfill your needs.

What is a Car Fridge & How it is Useful to You?

Car fridge is an electronic device similar to your household refrigerator, used to cool your drinkables such as water, cold drinks, beverages or other aerated drinks. Whether you are going out on a picnic, camping, fishing or any other outdoor places, a car fridge will keep your food fresh and drinks cooler than ever. In the past, car fridge was seen in a fancy car, which is quite expensive. But, with the rising demands of consumers for comfort, it can be seen in more cars and SUVs these days.

What Type of Car Fridge should you go for?

  • Compressor Portable Fridge

Compressor Portable Fridge is one of the widely used products by the people in their cars and works better than other types of car fridges. This type of portable fridge works in a same way as your home refrigerator. It has an efficient energy management system that provides an effective solution to all your needs. This car cooler has triple layer of insulation that ensures to keep your beverages cool in a wide range of temperature. The most significant factor about this portable fridge is that it drains much less during the normal car running.

  • Absorption Portable Fridge

If you want to do camping or fishing or just want to go out to spend quality time, then you should go for an Absorption Portable Fridge. This eco-friendly refrigerator is quite cheap than any other portable fridge as it effectively runs on gas. It doesn’t contain a motor and has a heat source that can be powered from car’s battery.

  • Thermoelectric Portable Fridge

Suppose you are planning for a nearby trip and want your food and beverages to remain fresh and healthy throughout, what would you do? Well, Thermoelectric Portable Fridge is the suitable answer! You can store your drinks and eatables in this fridge and forget about them. It offers an innovative method to keep your beverages cool. It is particularly designed for short period refrigeration or warmth.

Car Cooler cum Warmer

How about a portable fridge that can also heat the products up, when chosen to do so?  You can also heat up your food items on-the-go with Car Cooler Cum Warmer. As it is free from Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), it doesn’t have any content of refrigerant like a usual refrigerator does. Being quite handy, it warms up all kinds of pre-cooked items such as rice meals, dishes and much more.

If we talk about the power consumption, Car Cooler Cum Warmer is well-known for using much less power and heating up a great amount of food for a short period of time. It also holds the approximate volume to integrate 4 bottles of 1 liter each, 6 half liter bottles and 16 cans of 300 ml each. Besides this, it can easily get in and get out of your beloved ride without any hassle.

Is a Car Fridge is Useful or Not?

In today’s world, car fridge has changed your lifestyle for the better. Car fridge is catching everyone’s eyes as it is a traveler’s must-have car accessory. There are some points which will surely make you understand whether Car Fridge is useful for you or not:

  • Easily Usable

Car fridge doesn’t require any special equipment or tools to take out and put it back. It is travel friendly and weighs around 18 Kgs, which is not heavy, considering the convenience you get by having this multi-utility accessory. Furthermore, this product doesn’t take much space as you just have to put in, plug in and enjoy your favorite beverages cooled-on-the-go.

  • Portable & Compact

Being highly compact, the car fridge is immensely portable and it can be conveniently kept anywhere in the car.Aside from being nifty and compact, Car Fridge also helps in keeping eatables fresh and healthy. Whether you are on a long journey or camping with family, it can keep the food clean and fresh for long, making the vacation a lot simpler.

Does having a Car Fridge drain out Your Car’s Battery?

This is one of the most common questions that comes in every car owner’s mind when it comes to buying a car fridge. Well, the answer might shock some. Having a car fridge consumes much less power than anybody thinks. It approximately consumes about 0.83 amps to 3.33 amps of power. The car fridge keeps your beverages cool for long and also ensures that it won’t drain your car’s battery.

Tips To Choose the APT Car Fridge for You

  • Size

The most important thing while buying a perfect car fridge is its size. You should choose an ideal car cooler for your vehicle so that it fits easily leaving enough space. Likewise, you should even check its weight so that you can move it around easily.

  • Compartments

Another important aspect that one ought to take care of while buying a car fridge is its compartments or sections. Always ensure what type of items you have to store in your car cooler. After ensuring, you will be able to figure out whether you need a fridge or a freezer or a combination of both.

  • Temperature Zones

One should ensure an apt location for cooling surface, as at some places the air is sometimes warmer than normal. So you should check out for the instructions about different temperature zones.

  • Battery Drain

Always try to purchase a car fridge that comes with thermal covers helping in conserving battery power. If you are using main car battery for the fridge, you should consider the inbuilt battery protection.

  • Off-road Use

Make sure you buy a car fridge specially designed for off-road uses. One of the major factors can be the ability to handle the speed bumps and other rough surfaces. Furthermore, you can also consider shock minimization options for your car fridge.

  • Baskets

You should choose a car fridge that has removable baskets. It becomes much easier to store food items without any hassle. In deep compartments, you have to dig to the bottom to find your drink or food item. So you must buy the car cooler with removable baskets.

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