Car Mobile Holder: Convenient or Not??

Can you envisage a life without your mobile phone? The answer is a BIG NO! Mobile phone plays a crucial role in your busy life and does some important tasks for you. It helps you in talking to people, sending emails, playing games, listen to the mesmerizing music, using navigation and what not! Apart from its various uses, mobile phone can also become the reason of dangerous accidents, especially when being used while driving.
Pulling over your ride to pick up a call or send text message is a good practice but we all know that not many of us follow it. To solve this, several companies have come manufactured a device which won’t let drivers lose their hands from their steering wheel. That extraordinary device is a Car Mobile Holder.

What is a Car Mobile Holder?

If you are a frequent driver, you would have realized that operating a mobile phone is quite difficult while driving and you need a safer mechanism for that. Well, the universe heard your voice (humankind, its part surely did!) and companies made a revolutionary device called Car Mobile Holder which will eliminate all your problems in one go.
Car Mobile Holder is used for operating your mobile hands-free. It provides convenience and safeguards your phone from unwanted damages. It can be installed on various mounting positions like on dashboard, windscreen, side mirrors, air vent, etc.

1. Dashboard Mount Holder

People who are unaware of the fact that there are many types of car mobile holders, they often go for Dashboard Mount Holder, as they are the most common ones. Using suction process, these attach themselves or cling to a flat surface (mostly flat surfaces) and hold the mobile in an effective way. There is no fuss in installing it on your dashboard and also it takes less space.

Silicone Dashboard Mount Holder
Many people prefer to keep their phone on dashboard rather than placing it on the seat or near music player. If you are one of them, you can use Silicone Dashboard Mount Holder which acts as an amazingly useful car accessory and a safety device to keep your mobile phone too. Made of premium quality silicone material, it sticks to any surface that is apt for holding your mobile phone securely. Some Silicone Mount Holders are washable too and are generally easy to clean.

2. Air Vent Mount Holder

To use your mobile conveniently while riding your car, you can install Air Vent Mount Holder and make your life easier. You can attach the vent mounts to the air conditioning vents. Air Vent Holder is quite useful as it does not tarnish the view and nowadays every car has air vents installed in either form.

Magnetic Air Vent Mount Holder
To diminish the dangers occurring due to the usage of mobile phones while driving, you can use Magnetic Air Vent Mount Holder. It comes with a strong magnet that is attached with your mobile phone so that whenever you bring it close to the holder, the magnetic field itself attracts your phone. Despite being compact in size, it is extremely sturdy and is capable of holding good amount of bulk.

3. Windscreen Mount Holder

The features of Windscreen Mount Holder is similar to those of Dashboard Mount Holder. Make your ride safe and fun by installing it on either side of your car’s windscreen. At the base, it consists of a secure suction cap mechanism that keeps your device at a fixed position assuring that it won’t fall down while taking sharp turns. Providing great fit, your mobile phone will be safe and secure while you are driving.

4. CD Slot & Cigarette Lighter Mount Holder

As safety comes first when driving, you should install CD Slot Mount Holder in your car to keep safe from unwanted accidents. It is attached around the CD slot, without obstructing CD from playing songs and preventing any damage to the CD player. You can rotate your mobile phone 360 degrees for proper functioning.

If it doesn’t make any sense to you, then you can also attach your phone to the mount holder placed in Cigarette Lighter. It can be a convenient location to affix your phone as it doesn’t cover your windscreen area nor obstructs your steering wheel. Some come with a flexible neck allowing you to have a suitable view of your mobile phone’s screen. Also, the charging slot makes for a convenient way to charge your device on-the-go.

5. Headrest Mount Holder

People who can experience the pleasure of watching a movie sitting at the back seat of their car are the lucky ones. They can install Headrest Mount Holder that is especially made for long trips. One can attach one’s tablet or notebook to the holder and get entertained during your entire trip.

Is it actually beneficial?

Well, not every device or gadget is beneficial to everyone as choice and usability differs from person to person. However, if we talk about Car Mobile Holder, it is beneficial for those who are constantly on-the-go and spend most of their time travelling in the car. Listed below are some of the reasons why one should consider installing a Car Mobile Holder in their vehicle:
Playing Music Without Difficulty: If you are a music aficionado, a mobile holder can come in handy for your drive. You can quickly change the audio or the station without any hassle.
Concentrate on the Road: The law of land says that nobody is allowed to talk on their mobile while driving. Well, in reality only some percentage of people obey that in toto! Car mobile holder help you concentrate on road.
Unstoppable Navigation: People who own mobile phones can take advantage of GPS feature by placing their mobile on a car mobile holder and switching on GPS due to which you will be able to drive through right path with ease.
Landscape/ Portrait Rotation: Car Mobile holders often come with a feature to rotate your phone either in landscape mode or portrait mode. You can rotate your mobile as per your needs. Maybe you would like one orientation for playing music and other for using navigation.

How to buy an apt Car Mobile Holder?

Different type of people come up with different kinds of needs regarding using a car mobile holder. As the market is full of various types of holders, you have to choose the right one for you as a bad choice could lead to a disaster. Keep certain points in mind while buying an apt car mobile holder:
• Go for a sturdy mobile holder as you do not spend on this kind of accessory every next day. Hard plastic accentuated with rubberized material could be a good choice.
• Always seek for a compatible mobile holder as some of the mobiles are heavy and fat and others are slim and light.
• While purchasing Windshield Mount Holder, look for a better grip in the suction cap as it loses it with the time.
• If you want to keep your case on while attaching your mobile to a mobile holder, buy a case-compatible car mobile holder.

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