Car Wipers: A Friend in Need!

Ever wondered how the windshield or back glass of cars used to get cleaned? Well, most of the vehicles back then didn’t have wipers. The concept of using two brushes came into the existence and later brushed got replaced by rubber.

In today’s world, car wipers have become a legal requirement as they help in removing unwanted water, debris and snow from the windshield or windscreen. Mostly, every car comes installed with two wipers and they may one on each headlight and one on the rear window.

Types of Wipers your Car Need

  • Premium Beam-Style Wipers

One of the finest wipers in the market, Premium Beam-Style Wipers are light in weight and offer maximum cleaning and durability. Manufactured aerodynamically, they are engineered for curvy windshields. After installing these wipers you won’t hear any chatter and noise.

  • Traditional Frame-Style Wipers

Traditional frame-style wipers are the most common wipers available. To install them on your ride, you won’t have to find every penny in your pocket as they are quite affordable. These wipers include a metal framework that is the base for the actual wiper and a strip backed with the metal of either halogen-hardened rubber or typical rubber.

  • Winter Wipers

People who live in areas where snowfall is quite common, they should install Winter Wipers in their rides. They are specially designed for drivers with intemperate winter weather conditions. Some companies are preeminent for manufacturing winter wipers that feature an ordinary blade with a protective rubber shell. It keeps the wiper’s framework free from ice and snow due to which the service life of the wiper increases.

Parts of a Car Wiper

Wiper Parts

  • Rubber Blade

A Car Wiper comes with a rubber blade of a good quality which plays a vital role in cleaning the windscreen and keep water, debris and what not away. If you love your car, buy a car wiper with sturdy and soft rubber blade so that it doesn’t grow scratches on windscreen while wiping it.

  • Wiper Blade

Even today people live in the myth that “one blade fits all”. Many people don’t know that what kind of wiper blade fits their vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not the case that one blade fits all as they come in different sizes and shapes to fit accordingly. Below are some of the types of wiper blades that are explained to solve all the questions people come up while getting confused with the fitments:

Types of Wiper Blades

  1. Standard Wiper Blades

As the name explains, Standard Wiper Blades are the common ones which are still in demand for modernized cars but slowly the rate of demand is declining due to the upcoming of latest blades in the market. With the quality of being replaced with newer models, the availability is ranged from 10 inches to 28 inches.

  1. Retrofit Flat Wiper Blades

If we talk about flat wiper blades, they come with new technology and style and becoming the standard fit for most of the vehicles. All the Retrofit Flat Wiper Blades feature a design that masters in reducing the wind noise as they are made for flatter aerodynamic shape. Every blade of this type comes with a special adapter mechanism integrated within the wiper blade that allows it to fit cars with the conventional hooked wiper arms.

  1. Spoiler Wiper Blade

Install these blades as they come with a full spoiler that runs the length of the blade, mostly on the side of the driver. In strong winds, spoilers help in keeping the Spoiler Wiper Blade as close as possible to the screen and this also helps in keeping the rear close to the road. This blade can be attached with a hook-shaped wiper arm fitting to your beloved ride.

  1. Conventional Wiper Blades

As Conventional Wiper Blades come in the category of flat wiper blades, they were the common type of windscreen wiper blades fitted to modern vehicles up until a few years ago. They are mostly attached to a vehicle using the hook shaped wiper arm as they are referred as a coat hanger.

  1. Specific Fit Rear Wiper Blades

There should be a type of wiper blades that would fit just specific vehicles! These wiper blades are one of them. New flat styles and plastic moulded versions are the two types in which they are available.

There are other types of wiper blades as well like Hybrid, Direct Flat, Multi-fit Flat, Side-Latch, etc. which are meant to offer a wide variety of options for you. Upgrade your vehicle and give a new brand look to your beloved ride.

  • Metal Arm

For the proper functioning of the car wiper, it is important that every part works properly. Metal arm is equally important as they perform the movement of the wiper. As it is made of metal, it is reasonably durable and lasts for long for your beloved ride.

When to Replace Your Car Wipers?

People often think that replacing a car wiper is a burdensome job but for a person who has done before, is an extremely easy task! And it is one of the most mollifying jobs as you can clearly see it as soon as you sit in the front seat and turn on your car wipers. It is quite disturbing when you face difficulty in clear view. If your car wiper is chattering, squeaking and above all, not able to clean the windshield properly, it may be high time to install new ones. Here are some blabbermouth signs your wiper blade needs replacement:

  • Lifting due to wind – Whenever you are running at high speed and your wiper is lifting and missing parts of the windscreen to clean, it’s a clear sign that your wiper arm or wiper blade needs a replacement.
  • Noise – Noisy wipers are really irritating and you straight away should get an idea that the wiper element has hardened. Due to which, the mountings and wiper structure will get affected faster.
  • Lines/Streaks – By repeatedly wiping over foreign elements from the windscreen, the wiper’s rubber material can harden and get damaged. At this time, you need to change the rubber blade changed immediately as it may lead to scratches and lines on the screen.

How to Maintain Your Car Wipers

What can be worse than getting caught in the rain without an umbrella? And same goes for your ride getting caught in rain or snowstorm without good-quality car wiper.

To maintain your car wiper blades, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • It is easy to use a rubber protectant spray for dousing the wiper blades periodically to strengthen their life.
  • You can also protect your car wiper by shielding them with a blade cover. It works like a glove for wipers keeping them away from snow and UV damage from the sun.
  • Get your wipers get cleaned at the gas station and take a moment to wipe them with a towel. This simple task removes debris, dust, and oil from your car’s wipers.

To buy a good quality wiper blade you always have to keep a check on the rubber material and durability of the metal arm. Well, not being an expert, it is recommended to look for yourself what is best for you!

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