What are the essential car accessories for long route traveling purposes?

With the upcoming long weekends, everybody’s up for a long route travel with their friends and family. With the right travel partners and right planning, the trip can be incredibly fun. But despite all the arrangements, sometimes unpleasant realities might strike and take the fun away. To avoid any such scenario and make your vacation a memorable one, you need to get your car equipped with the right gear aka accessories. There are certain accessories that might serve as add-ons for your car, but then there are some that are a must-have, especially for your long route travel. Listed below are some of the accessories that can make your trip comfortable and convenient.

1. Puncture Repair Kit:

This is a must-have accessory for your car, if you are considering a long trip. Flat tyre never comes with a warning, and you can be left stranded midway if your car suddenly gets a flat tyre. A puncture repair kit has all the necessary equipment and comes with a user manual to help you change the tyre

2. USB Charger:

Nowadays, power banks have become quite common. But, even they can run out of juice and leave you with a switched off mobile. To be able to use GPS navigation and keep your phone charged, a USB charger is a handy-device to carry. It easily fits in the car socket and charges your phone while you’re driving

3. Portable Fridge and Warmer:

This is not a must-have accessory, but is definitely an important add-on. This fridge will keep your supplies secured throughout your journey. A portable fridge and warmer comes with fridge, a shoulder belt, a DC cord, an AC cord, a warranty card and a user manual. The fridge can also be used at home and office, if you are not going on a road trip. You can purchase the product at

4. Roof Carrier:

When travelling with a bunch of friends, it gets difficult to keep the luggage in the car and sit comfortably too. To avoid the inconvenience, you can get a roof carrier and keep all your luggage at the roof, without having to compromise with the seating inside the car. This is a must-have accessory for a long road trip

5. Smartphone Mount for Car:

While on a trip, you need to navigate the route and it becomes convenient to place your mobile phone on a mount and check for the directions without having to leave your hands from the wheel. It has an adjustable holder that allow you to mount every smartphone with ease

6. Rear Vision Backup Camera:

This device helps you to park your car with ease. It is more than a camera as it gives you a full view of what’s behind your car while you reverse. It even alert you of anything that might be in your way. The rear vision cameras are complete with night vision and makes driving an easy affair

If you are planning a long road trip, make sure you get your hands on these important accessories. All the products mentioned here are available at, and you can pick the one that suits your need.

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