Essentials Road Long Trips Car Accessories

Essentials Road Long Trips Car Accessories

Long trips can be truly exhilarating and enjoyable experiences. However, for those into serious exploration, their cars should be well-equipped in order to ensure higher utility, comfort, and convenience alike. Getting the right car gear for long trips is a must in this regard. Here’s looking at a few essentials at Mahindra Genuine accessories worth considering:

Tail Gate Mounted Snack Tray

This appealing Thar branded folding snack tray is a must-have for all those long trips. It is built of the best metal and powder that has been coated for superior protection. It can be folded easily from the tailgate whenever needed, while giving you a great opportunity to enjoy meals on the move. You can store it easily and it has capacity up to 100 lbs as well. There are easy bolts to the mounting points, while the design also ensures that it is completely free from rattles.

Check Tail Gate Mounted Snack Tray

Kingcamp Arm Quad Chair (KC3818)

Another marvel that comes as an accessory for the Mahindra Thar SUV, this is a comfortable yet durable chair for camping purposes. You can easily fold it and store it in a compact way within the bag. It is made of aluminum while being lightweight at the same time. A special fabric has been used for its construction, which has a reinforced weave for greater durability.

Find out Kingcamp Arm Quad Chair (KC3818)

Kingcamp BackSeat Air Bed (KM3532)

Go camping in style, without compromising on your comfort. Use this travel set which has a robust and comfy mattress, along with two pillows which are inflatable and an air pump that can be used easily. There is a bag for storing everything comfortably as well. It will fit easily in the backseats of almost all SUVs and cars, along with trucks. It may be used at home as well, if you have guests over. Enjoy quality sleep while on the road and on your camping jaunts.

Check Kingcamp BackSeat Air Bed (KM3532)

Kingcamp Explorer 75 Backpack (KB3208)

This backpack has an internal frame with capacity of 75 litres and it is also compact. This backpack has an adjustable strap belt mechanism along with a three-dimensional floating suspension setup. There is usage of PU and polyester coating which also has padded straps for the shoulders. There is multi-position adjustment which is suitable for diverse body sizes. The back pressure will be released with a chunky mesh lumbar pad. There is a padded belt in tandem with hip straps alongside. You can also use the front zipper-based pocket for carrying smaller things too.

Kingcamp Explorer 75 Backpack (KB3208)

Autogrip Xl Automatic Mobile Holder

This is a handy option while on the move. This suits a variety of phones, and you may install it for the dashboard or glass. This comes with scratch-proof and rugged finishing, while being heat resistant with its silicone base as well. It has adjustable legs for tweaking the height. There are side cushioned arms which do not scratch your phone at the same time. There is a 3M disc given for usage on textured dashboards. You can rotate this around 360 degrees to enjoy convenient viewing angles. Use your phone for navigation and other purposes conveniently and comfortably while driving.

Find out Autogrip Xl Automatic Mobile Holder

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