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Give a GRAND Visarjan to Bappa with a Super-Stylish Mahindra SUV!

With the festive season upon us, there is going to be a lot of pomp and glamour everywhere. People will dress up in their best attires. There is going to be loud and over-the-top drummers pouring their hearts out. The atmosphere around is joyous and auspicious, with people of all genders and religions joining hands to celebrate the arrival of its favorite!

A lot of us bring Ganesh idols at our places to celebrate the festival with our loved ones. He arrives in a majestic manner, with a lot of preparations done before AND during his arrival. We dress up in the best dresses, we make the tastiest dishes, and we decorate our houses with the best lights and smiles.

But, after the 10 days of reveling in the joys of Bappa, it is time that we bid Him a GRAND farewell. Nobody would like to send the Vighnaharta without any pomp and vigor. You would DEFINITELY want your Mahindra SUV look extra-good as you wouldn’t want to give a dull farewell to Bappa! Listed below are some car accessories that will give your car the looks and make it Festive-Season-Ready!

1. Ultra-Shiny Chrome Accessories

Chrome Accessories - M2ALL

The festive season brings one thing with itself – brightness and vibrancy everywhere! With so much shine and color everywhere, don’t let your beloved car be left out! To give your car that Festive Shine, then you have to use Chrome Accessories. The Chrome Accessories are basic yet highly critical car accessories that takes the looks of the car to the next level. If you don’t have any chrome accessories on your car, use the festive season as a reason and don’t deny your car the Visarjan-Ready looks this Ganesh Chaturthi and send off Bappa, dressing your car with these Genuine Chrome Accessories!

2. Statement-making Body Cladding Kits

Body Cladding Kits - M2ALL

Don’t you love it when your car looks at its finest when you are taking Bappa for Visarjan? Well, there is a way you can get eyes turned towards your Mahindra car, and it is quite effortless too. Body cladding kits are crafted specifically for your car, to give your car a sturdier, more refined look. A body cladding kit can have exquisite side chrome strips for the doors, front and rear bumpers, roof rails and much more, all bundled up in a fine kit. Adding this kit on your car really defines the festive look that your car needs.

3. Exquisite Seat Covers

Premium Seat Covers - M2ALL

When we say a ‘Super-Stylish’ car, we mean it from all the possible angles, even the interiors. For making your car interiors exactly that, use the best Seat Covers for your car. This festive season, carry Bappa in absolute comfort with premium seat covers. Give Bappa the comfy front row seat while you dance to the beats ever-energetic Nashik Dhol. When Ganpati arrives at your homes, you make sure you use the newest and the best in your homes. Why not use new seat covers in your car too, when you send Bappa to his home in style?

4. Lavish Roof wraps

Car Roof Wrap - M2ALL

Our beloved Bappa is an all-rounder. He is chivalrous, he is humble, he is the caretaker, he has a great taste in clothes (and in food too) and he is the protector of all. He also has the charming looks too, even if he wraps a simple piece of cloth over his shoulders. Just like Bappa can rock any type of look, your car can also use a few accessories to rock this festive season. A premium-looking Roof Wrap makes sure that your car look extra-dapper. The glossy roof wrap is made with superior quality vinyl and sticks well, adding a layer of protection to the roof of your car from any minor damage. It is a 2-in-1 deal, really – it protects your car while giving it a classy finish.

5. Eye-Grabbing Lounge Lights

Lounge Lighting Kit - M2ALL

Speaking of making your interiors ultra-luxurious, we can think of many car accessories that will make your car stylish. Lounge Lights, for example, give a colorful spin to your car, and any festival is all about the myriad and bright colors of joys everywhere. Lounge light set is available in a set of 5 colors – red, blue, green, yellow and white, which you can control with your smartphone. Having such vibrantly colorful lights in your car looks really majestic with Bappa majestically seated in the first row of the car. Add this and you will have a truly stylish car!

6. Head-turning Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels - M2ALL

If STLYISH had a look, it had to look like Alloy Wheels! You need to have just one glance at alloy wheels and you will come to know why we just said that. Alloy wheels are made from a light-weight yet a tough blend of several metals like Aluminum, Nickel, Brass and Copper. The conventional steel wheels look quite basic, and once you have seen a car with alloy wheels, you will find those cars who have steel wheels a little disappointing . You wouldn’t want a sad-looking Mahindra SUV this Ganesh Chaturthi, we are sure of that. Just like roof wraps, alloy wheel is a multi-utility car accessory that enhances the looks of the car effortlessly.

Use these fine car accessories to get your car geared up to give everyone’s favorite God a Lavish Farewell that the whole world will never forget!

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