Checklist for DIY Car Care Kit

What To Grab? Checklist For An Efficient DIY Car Care Kit

Keeping your car healthy and revving isn’t an easy job. Getting professional car care service often can take up a lot of time and money. So here are some products you can buy for your garage to keep your car shining at all times!
A good looking car is definitely more of a style statement. But keeping that shine and feel on calls for home remedies. For those of you who love to take care of your car on your own, this list will help you set up a standard DIY kit in your garage. Pick these products off the shelf so you can get your car ready to party, anytime!

1.    Interior cleaning

Keeping the interior clean is a must for good feel and hygiene. Take time to know the interiors of your car before you begin working on them. For cleaning your car seats, there are plenty of home remedies you can rely on. For example, you can use baking soda and water to rub your seat covers. This helps remove stains from the seat covers and even any residue from upholstery work.

For expensive leather seats, you can use a leather shampoo to get your seats cleaned and also keep a leather cream handy to add some shine. If your car is giving out odd odors, there is a simple solution. Fill two bowls with white vinegar, and place one on the dashboard and the other on the backseat. This should absorb all the bad smell overnight.

It is always good to also have a panel cleaner with you. In case of spilled coffee or water stains, always clean your panel almost immediately. If you are in your car a lot, always remember to pick out used bottles or mugs clogging up space. Using a mild car freshener would add a pleasant touch to your car interiors.

 2. Exterior care

The most important product is definitely a good shampoo. You can look for a mild but efficient shampoo that doesn’t mess with your wax coating. If you are someone who off roads or drive through rough terrain frequently, it might be helpful to have a traffic film remover with you. This would prolong the lust of your painted surface and keep your car brand new!

To protect your underside from rusting, it is wise to use an anti-corrosion product. If you are a DIY car enthusiast, you can spend half a day in your garage and get it done. Or else, do it when you hit the service center next.

3. Tyre cleaner

Nothing screams dirt like muddy tyre alloys. Keeping your tyre clean and shining adds extra elegance to your vehicle. Always look for a high-performing corrosion inhibitor so as to take out the iron and dirt that might be clinging to your alloy surface. You can also grab any good tyre dressing product online so it keeps your tyre healthy and reduces regular maintenance. Tyres get dirty and rusty faster than your car. And this calls for some extra care.

4. Glass cleaner

Now, you might think that having a cleaning product to clean your glasses isn’t that necessary because you can just wipe it. But your windshields and mirrors need a lot of care, or they start wearing out.

Pick a silicone-free glass cleaner and use it often to give a fresh look to your windshield. Considering the harsh weather conditions (when you park out in the sun or drive on a rainy day) that they are subjected to, you can get a glass protection product of high water-beading ability which also improves visibility during rain.

5. Microfibre cloth

Traditionally, we all are used to cleaning and wiping our cars with cotton or old clothes. Having a micro fiber cloth is very handy, hygienic and efficient as compared to any other fiber. Microfibre cloths are built so as to hold in dust and dirt in it and is also smooth on your car surface and doesn’t scratch it. It also lasts longer and controls cross-contamination, preventing you from catching an infection cleaning your dirty car. They clean thoroughly and spread products evenly on your car surface. A microfibre cloth is more like an accessory to make your whole car care process easy.

Car care is a regular process. Apart from just the hygiene, keeping your car looking good could prove to be a long-term investment in terms of resale value. Most people love taking care of their cars and it’s a bond you feel with your vehicle. So choose the product your car loves and go DIY!

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